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Guess who got an 84 on her Spanish regents?? This chica!

Haha, the graders must have been drunk when they graded it because I know my spanish is muy malo (very bad).

But who cares, that was the final thing I needed to graduate with an advanced regents diploma , so horrah.

The only bump in my road? Even though all my grades are amazing this year, my transcript is like ehh. Like simply mehh.


Because I thought fun was more important than academics during my freshmen year. And everyone always told me, “Have fun your freshmen year, it’s junior year that counts the most.”

Well I call bullshit on that.

Though yes, you should have fun your freshmen year, enjoy the start of high school and all that, don’t forget about your grades! Because you do need a good start.

And junior is most important, my butt! Junior year is important because that’s when you take your SAT’s.

But other than that, Junior year pretty much counts exactly the same as your Freshmen and Sophomore year because THEY ARE ALL AVERAGED UP.

So even though my junior year average rocks, my cumulative average is only mehh cuz my freshmen year average is blech and sophomore year’s is ehh.

Astonishing vocabulary, right? 😀

That 84 in spanish though, muy bien! (Very good)


.. I’d get run out of business.

Seriously. I know I should update. I know I like updating. I know the whole point of making this blog was so I could write.

And there are times through out the day when I’m like “Oh boy, I can’t wait to get home and blog about this.”

But then I actually get home, and the first thing I do is kick off my shoes, grab some unhealthy food and plop myself in front of the television and it’s really all a blur after that.

But now I attempted at studying and you know what I just happened to realize? “Gee, I should go update my blog.”

So now my studying has been pushed aside because frankly, I’m more lazy when it comes to studying then when it comes to updating my blog.

Not that blogging is a chore. It’s just that getting my thoughts all organized and putting it into a post part. Cuz otherwise it just sounds like rambling that makes no sense at all.

Although, I suspect that’s how my posts sound like anyways. Maybe they’re meant to sound like that. Aw hell, I don’t even know- see- ramblings- not much sense at all.

So let’s talk about life. It’s okay right now. I just have the SAT looming over my mind. It’s a bit annoying- like this dark cloud above you telling you that if you fail- that’s it- you get slapped with a one-way ticket to loserville. Or something like that.

Um, I also have a part-time job now. Which makes my mom frown considering I’m supposed to be focusing solely on my grades this year (which is really some bullshit because when it comes to her, I’m supposed to be solely focusing on my grades every year).

But I like the fact that I’m earning some extra cash now. It’ll keep my pockets warm, you know?

Besides that, there’s not much else going on.

Wow, studying and working, that sounds boring to even my own ears.

I don’t know how you kept reading this post until the very end, but whatever drug your on that’s keeping you reading, thank your dealer for me 😉

Jk, thanks for reading ❤

So I haven’t been on in a while.

And for that you can blame chemistry.

See, I had a chemistry test today. Actually a re-test because I failed last time. So I had to spend every waking hour studying my ass off. And you know, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if it was another subject. But this is chemistry. Everybody fails chemistry. And even if you just passed, you didn’t really pass.

Wanna know why’s that? Because there’s a negative curve. So if you by some chance happened to get a 65, being the minimum grade to pass, they subtract one point. Yep, so you now have a 64. Which is a fail. Forcing you to retake it AGAIN.

I swear, the chemistry test is hard enough, and then they have to add a negative curve to it?? Who in the world decided THAT?

Is there simply just some chemistry devil out there, sitting there it’s office, thinking,

“Hmm, how can we make these kids suffer even more. The test is hard enough, but of course, there could be the off chance that a student could just pass with a 65 by simply guessing and using dumb luck. OH, I know, I’LL MAKE THE TEST HAVE A NEGATIVE CURVE. THAT WAY, EVEN IF THEY DO PASS, I CAN HOLD THEM BACK BY A POINT OR TWO.