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You know, in many ways, having a crush on a guy is very quite annoying.

For one thing, it’s distracting.

And what if you don’t want to like him?

What if you know you shouldn’t like him?

What if you’re just trying to concentrate on your schoolwork and not get involved with boys and yet this guy just comes around with his sweet talking and your head gets jumbled?

It’s annoying because you can’t help it and you need to get him out of your head.

I need to get him out of my head.

I mean for godsake, I don’t even know for sure if he likes me.

Although he has dropped a few hints. Okay, maybe a bit more than a few. And even other people think he likes me.

But it doesn’t matter. Because I’m not interested.

Because this guy is not the type of guy that I usually talk to and sometime he says some really messed up things and sometimes he really annoys me because sometimes he just gets to me.

Like that time when he said I needed to loose weight. He moved halfway across the room to cut into me and my friend’s conversation to inform me that I need to loose weight. Of course, I acted like I couldn’t care less and dismissed him, but how is that not supposed to hurt?

But then, my friends tell me that the only reason he did that was to get your attention, I mean duhh.

Well that’s a really elementary method of trying to get a girl’s attention, by insulting her. But that was earlier on in the year. When I thought of him as a complete jerk.

But lately, we’ve been getting along. After he made that comment about my weight, I would take every chance I get to make fun of him and we would just be at it with each other for a while. Until he stopped, and so did I.

And now, we’re somewhat friends. And these last few days, he’s been dropping hints. Little things.

Like in class when he called my name over and over again and I said “What??” in an annoyed tone and he just gives me grin and says, “Nothing, you’re beautiful.”

Now what kind of girl doesn’t get warmed by that?

And then the other day, he took the long way home so I wouldn’t have to go home alone after the school concert. And he offered me some popcorn.

Since we were getting along so well, I took some and teased him, “Why are you offering me? I thought you said I had to loose weight?”

And he smiles and goes, “What? No, I never said that.. I didn’t mean it.”

And I’m a forgiving person so I just shrug and let it be. And when we’re walking too fast and I complain that my shoes hurt he slows down right away and lets me catch up. And now, I just think, he’s kind of..sweet?

Except I really don’t want to think that.

He’s transferring schools next year and I have my finals and stuff to focus on and this is just not acceptable to me.

Except he won’t get out of my head and I can’t stop thinking that I like the fact that it seems he really likes me and even though he seemed like a jerk at first he’s turning out to be really kind of sweet.

But no. I must get that out of my head.

Because I just don’t have time for this silly little crush.

And I don’t have time to argue with myself either (which I do a lot, in case you haven’t noticed).


As a reader of my blog, you all should know that I am a romantic. I don’t expect it in real life actually, because I’m known to be realistic also, but I like the idea of romance. Romantic Vs. Reality, I have both, kind of an odd combo.

But anyways. By being a romantic, the genre I love to read books and watch movies in is romance. Is that too much of the ‘typical teenage girl’? I don’t think so, not all girls like romance and chick flick stuff. But I do. Just for entertainment anyways. I mean, it would be nice for it to be like the movies in real life, but let’s be real here.

Now, I don’t read those ancient romance stories. There are no pirates, no princess’s, no running away on sea or anything. It’s mostly modern stuff. I have read about girl dreaming and ranting about how amazing the guy is. They sit there drooling and say, “Oh my god, he’s got the prettiest eyes, he’s so sweet, he’s funny, he has a nice sense of style.. ” etc. But never have I ever read or heard a girl sit there thinking or saying, “Oh my god, I love that color of boxer on him, totally classy to be showing it off.”

Like I said, I’m not into ancient stuff, I’m into modern stuff. Modern guys wear there pants low and call that cool. The term, I believe, is “sagging”. Sounds like something that happens to old peoples bodies so I don’t really see how that’s supposed to be attractive. But there are so many interesting points to sagging.

1. You might say their pants are simply loose on them and hang low. But no, they have a belt. They even use the belt. The use the belt to hold the pants up.. at their knees. So the use of belt is obviously being abused here.

2. Sometimes their pants are actually short too. Guys need to have their pants extremely baggy. That includes having it scrunch up by a lot at the bottom of their legs. Sometimes in order to do that they need to wear them low. Cuz you know, otherwise it might look like they’re wearing pants that actually match their size.. and that would be so bad.

3. They feel the need to show of the color. If you’ve noticed, guys don’t care about what type of jeans they are wearing. They wear them low, with a belt, and show of their boxers. But they usually make sure the color stands out. It’s usually either red or blue. Mostly red. I have no idea why.

But you have to stop and think, why are the guys wearing their pants like this? Do they think its attractive? Girls don’t want to see the color of their underwear. Well not in public, at least. So who are they trying to impress? Each other? If so, using the vivid colors and patterns of your boxers is a sad attempt to get the attention of another guy.

So I think we all know those type of guys that claim they are so into a girl before trailing around another girl only a week or two later and claiming the same about her.

Those types are quite popular throughout high school these days. They never spend too long on one girl and thought it can be a good thing not to get attached and stuff, sometimes you have to wonder, “Did you really even like her? Or were you just fishing?”

And then don’t you have to consider the feelings of the girl? Do guys know that the girls realize when the guys just loose interest and decide to drop them like a rotten fish?

And the irony is that when the guy likes the first girl, he usually says, “I really like her, yes, I’m going after her, blah blah blah.”

And then he see’s the next pretty thing in a skirt walking by and it’s suddenly, “Ooh, I want that one now.”

Forget that he was crazy about the girl before. The next thing is here.

Hello! Girl’s aren’t iphone generations. You don’t just ditch the old one when the new one comes out! (Well unless your old one broke or something and the new one has a nice deal and stuff.. well lets back on topic here.)

So I’m thinking I should say how in the world this relates to me. I mean so many times I just argue well known concepts of society and stuff and I don’t share the personal details.

So there was this guy. Is this guy. Um let’s call him ***

Just because, I like stars. Yeah.

Well anyways, he likes this girl, let’s call her Girl #3.

You’ll find out why soon.

So *** and Girl #3, I see them together a lot these days. They’re both tall, he’s strong, she’s skinny. And she’s always in his arms. No, I mean it literally. He’s always carrying her. Like bridal carry. So okay, I guess they really like each other.

But wait.


Not more than two weeks ago, there was another girl. Let’s call her.. hm Girl #2 works.

So Girl #2 was a distant friend of mine. *** really liked her. I mean, everyone knew about it too. And she was very pretty. Sweet girl. But she didn’t exactly like him back. But it doesn’t matter anyhow, he still talked to her. You know, cuz he really liked her. And know, he all of a sudden is head over heels for Girl #3? Interesting.

So I suppose I should get to Girl #1. Here’s the thing: Girl #1 had a boyfriend.


But he liked her. For a while too. Wouldn’t admit it too much, would just talk about her, talk to her, spin her around, and flirt like there’s no tomorrow.

But yeah, that wasn’t long before Girl #2.

It’s just, kind of mind- blogging that someone would be that desperate to be jumping from girl after girl.

It really just disgusts me. And to think I actually feelings for that ***.

But let’s not talk about that right now. Never goin back there.

She’s taller.

She’s a redhead.

She’s girly.

She does her makeup quite nicely.

She’s normal height.

She’s normal weight.

She has a great sense of style.

And you know, I don’t know her that well, but I can tell she is a nice person and all..

But a key thing she’ll never top me in: personality.

Yeah okay, call me cocky or whatever, but I think my personality is pretty damn great. Looks are ehh. How far can looks take you anyways? I mean, I don’t look bad or anything. I’m kinda short and chubby and I’ve been referred to as cute more than a few times in my lifetime.

But I don’t know about that. What I do know is that personality puts it over the top. A gorgeous girl with a bland personality is only fun to look at, not be with.

It’s very important to have a witty personality. A personality that keeps you laughing, thinking up clever jokes, and teasing each other. A personality that won’t leave you bored or be too nice to you. A personality that can diss you in such a way that you have to laugh because it wasn’t blunt it was disguised in a funny joke and you are encouraged to give one back, no hard feelings.

Yeah. That’s me. My kind of personality. I won’t be too nice to you. I won’t be too easy going. I spice it up. I keep it interesting. So forgive me if I’m sounding arrogant right now.

They do say, confidence is sexy. Don’t they? Well I don’t care what they say anyways. This is what I say: I am more interesting to be around with than her!

But whatever. Have fun with her beauty.

I could sit here and give you guys the whole background story to this. But like many of my other posts, I think you guys can figure it out. Typical high school drama that I somehow find myself tangled up in.

Moral of my post: Personality goes farther than a pretty face.

Am I boring you with these annoyed jealousy posts?

I’m not jealous though.




I just need to vent.



Found this picture.. thought about a guy that used a strategy with me that he used with the other girls he liked also.. he can go screw himself, because she isn’t going to give him the time of day.

‘Nuff said.

Ego Blow

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I’m sure everyone’s had a moment in their lives when someone was interested in them and they just didn’t feel the same way. But it still gives you a good feeling inside that someone was interested in you. It doesn’t matter who you are, how many people are interested in you, it’s a nice feeling that someone likes you. Isn’t it? Don’t lie, you know it is.

Well that is until you hear people saying how that person has had a crush on just about every other girl in the school. Talk about a blow to the ego, haha. To think I was sitting there thinking, “Wow, he had a crush on me? Even though, I don’t feel the same way, that’s kinda cool.” I think that every time it happens unexpectedly. Then I hear other girls talking among themselves and saying, “Oh, him? He had a crush on me about a month ago. Asked out my friend a few weeks ago too.” Nice.

Anyways. It doesn’t matter. Cuz I wasn’t interested anyways. So it’s all good.

Hands Off Boy!

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Okay, every single guy should know never ever, and I mean ever to force a girl to do something. It’s just not acceptable! If a girl says no, for god’s sake she means no! It doesn’t mean she’s being a tease, it means “take a hint and get lost.” Shall I demonstrate my point?

So I know this guy, a grade older than me, seems like a sweet guy, barely know him though. I mean we met in an after school program and other than that we say “hi” and “what’s up” in the hallways and stuff. Today I saw him so he stops me and we start having a general conversation.

Well, here’s the thing, we were in the middle of the hallway. It was crowded as hell and people were not happy with seeing two people just standing there talking. So call me polite but I wasn’t going to just cut off the conversation. So I say “Hey, why don’t you walk me to class and we’ll finish talking.”

We get to my class but as I’m about to go in, he grabs my wrist. Caught off guard, I ask him what’s up. He tells me to wait a minute, to go with him to the staircase for a bit.

Now, I know better than to follow a guy I barely know into an empty staircase. Plus, I had a test! So I said “um, no way, I gotta get in class”. And I was ready to go in. Except he had a hold of both of my hands and he was pulling, I mean pulling me away! He said “come on, just a minute, just a kiss”. Now hold up. Backtrack. Read that again, you did read it correctly. He barely knew me and he was trying to forcefully make a move on me??! What kind of guy is this??

At that point, I was desperate. I said to let go maybe about 20 times and I can assure you I was pulling with all my might! But he was stronger and he wouldn’t let go.

So there I was, in the middle of the hallways once again, except this time I was being almost dragged my a guy by both my wrists and even though I was clearly telling him to let go he wasn’t letting go. Can you imagine being in my place? I was two seconds away from screaming “RAPE!” It was like I was trapped. I was pulling, he was pulling, and finally, finally he lets go.

And there I land, butt first onto the middle of the hallway.

No, he didn’t help me up, in case you were wondering. Nope, how could you expect a guy that tried to drag somewhere to help you up? Not that I gave him much of a chance to anyways? I scrambled up and ignored the stares of the people and rushed into my classroom as fast as I can. You can bet your lucky stars I was shaking for the rest of that period.

Somebody needs to teach this guy how to treat a woman..