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You know what types of people I find annoying? The ones that treat you like a toddler when in reality, you are only younger than them by a year or two.

There’s this one guy at work. Everyone think’s he’s cool and that he’s funny and all that and that’s fine. But I don’t care. Because he made a bad impression on me and his jokes towards me are really not amusing.

Maybe it’s stupid but one comment sometimes really gets to me. Like on my birthday, I saw him with a guy I liked and okay, I kind of interrupted them, coming into the middle of the conversation but I don’t think that’s a reason to be rude. The guy I liked tells him, “Hey, did you know it’s her birthday today?” So instead of saying “Happy Birthday” to me, he goes, “What’d you turn 12?” And worst of all, I didn’t hear him clearly so I asked him to repeat it. And the guy I liked repeated it. I didn’t even have a good comeback, I kind of just tilted my head and said, “I wouldn’t be able to work here then, would I?”

And after that he generally got more annoying with his jokes. Especially about my height.

“Bro, you’re so tall”. Ugh, height is kind of a touchy subject for me because I’ve always been told I’m short.

But I think the more he pushes my buttons, the more my bitchy side is going to rile up inside. Slowly, I’m going to have more and more attitude in store for him and then I’ll probably explode on him and I’ll just look bad.

Really though, he’s not even that funny, more like irritating.


.. And I’ll probably punch you in the face.


I’m sick of completely fake ass people that are so annoying that they irritate your last nerve.

So maybe that sounded a little harsh. But whatever.

I’ve just noticed that people are okay individually, usually if you talk to them in a realistic way, see who they really are, you like them as a person.

But drop them in a group of people and damn, it’s like switches going off all over the place alternating from personalities.

And girls. My god, especially girls, man. I don’t mean to diss my own gender but man they are annoying. Flirty, whiny, giggly, and just fake too often.

I know girls, where if you talk to them individually, they will be the best down to earth people to talk to. But place them in a social outing, and they’re sitting on their guy friend’s laps, giggling, complaining, oh and turning every outing event into a photo shoot so they can post pictures on the internet and become cyber famous.

Wow, you’re cool. This is the reason why I don’t even like social gatherings anymore. People act fake to impress others, to create a sort of impression, to just act stupid and “wild” like they see teenagers “supposed” to be on tv and I’m just like “Give me a freakin break, can’t you all just be yourselves?” They’d all probably be more appealing that way anyways.

“Go fix your brother some breakfast.”

“Straighten your room.”

“Sweep the kitchen.”

“Study for your SAT’s.”

“Get off the computer.”

And the list goes on and on and on.

If there was an award for most talented nagger, my mother would walk with first prize. Or maybe second, since I have actually met people’s mother’s who are worse.

But still. That doesn’t make her nagging any easier on me.

Don’t get me wrong- I love my mother, who doesn’t? She is funny, witty, a good cook and doesn’t like gossip.

But must she nag her teenage daughter when it is summer vacation and we are trying to get some peace before teachers get to rattle our brains with loads of work in September?

I should sleeping until noon, then rolling around the couch watching some pointless reality show, or on the computer doing whatever I feel like at the moment.

And it would be nice to do all that without your parents bugging you.

I mean, we have teachers for that from the months of September to June.

Can’t July and August be left alone?

I guess not.

I guess it’s just a motherly thing.

Who knows, maybe it just comes in instinct.

Maybe mother’s think that this is really necessary.

I’m sure years later, I will look back and think how silly it was to find this annoying, how I should’ve helped out my mom as much as I can.

Ha! Yeah right, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

For now, I think I’ll enjoy being young.

Now here are some funny nagging photos:

Have a wonderful day and if you’re up for it, I dare you to show your mother this post and state that you agree with it. Just be sure to assure them right away that you still love them no matter what! ūüėČ

You know, in many ways, having a crush on a guy is very quite annoying.

For one thing, it’s distracting.

And what if you don’t want to like him?

What if you know you shouldn’t like him?

What if you’re just trying to concentrate on your schoolwork and not get involved with boys and yet this guy just comes around with his sweet talking and your head gets jumbled?

It’s annoying because you can’t help it and you need to get him out of your head.

I need to get him out of my head.

I mean for godsake, I don’t even know for sure if he likes me.

Although he has dropped a few hints. Okay, maybe a bit more than a few. And even other people think he likes me.

But it doesn’t matter. Because I’m not interested.

Because this guy is not the type of guy that I usually talk to and sometime he says some really messed up things and sometimes he really annoys me because sometimes he just gets to me.

Like that time when he said I needed to loose weight. He moved halfway across the room to cut into me and my friend’s conversation to inform me that I need to loose weight. Of course, I acted like I couldn’t care less and dismissed him, but how is that not supposed to hurt?

But then, my friends tell me that the only reason he did that was to get your attention, I mean duhh.

Well that’s a really elementary method of trying to get a girl’s attention, by insulting her. But that was earlier on in the year. When I thought of him as a complete jerk.

But lately, we’ve been getting along. After he made that comment about my weight, I would take every chance I get to make fun of him and we would just be at it with each other for a while. Until he stopped, and so did I.

And now, we’re somewhat friends. And these last few days, he’s been dropping hints. Little things.

Like in class when he called my name over and over again and I said “What??” in an annoyed tone and he just gives me grin and says, “Nothing, you’re beautiful.”

Now what kind of girl doesn’t get warmed by that?

And then the other day, he took the long way home so I wouldn’t have to go home alone after the school concert. And he offered me some popcorn.

Since we were getting along so well, I took some and teased him, “Why are you offering me? I thought you said I had to loose weight?”

And he smiles and goes, “What? No, I never said that.. I didn’t mean it.”

And I’m a forgiving person so I just shrug and let it be. And when we’re walking too fast and I complain that my shoes hurt he slows down right away and lets me catch up. And now, I just think, he’s kind of..sweet?

Except I really don’t want to think that.

He’s transferring schools next year and I have my finals and stuff to focus on and this is just not acceptable to me.

Except he won’t get out of my head and I can’t stop thinking that I like the fact that it seems he really likes me and even though he seemed like a jerk at first he’s turning out to be really kind of sweet.

But no. I must get that out of my head.

Because I just don’t have time for this silly little crush.

And I don’t have time to argue with myself either (which I do a lot, in case you haven’t noticed).

We all know a few.

“Preppy Perky Rah- Rah Girls.”

Sound’s catchy, doesn’t it? Let me define. A Perky Rah- Rah Girl would be best described as a high school teenage girl that is too hyper for their own good. They usually have a habit to exaggerate every happy emotion they have and they usually hop up and down while doing this.

The rah- rah part; well some of them are rich, switching to a new gucci purse every day or so, and coming from an expensive private school.¬†But the wealthy part isn’t something required to be a preppy perky rah- rah girl.

The main point is that these girls are almost always happy.

Which is a good thing.

But sometimes they are just too.. energy filled.

Happy people make you happy- which is good.

But preppy perky rah- rah girls are too joyful to the extent that it gets a tad bit annoying.

Now I have a few friends like this.

Actually, no, I don’t make friends with these kind of girls, I just don’t click with those personalities and they don’t click with me. Who knows, maybe I’m just not hyper enough for them.

But, one of my friends made friends with a perky rah- rah girl. To this day, I wonder how in the world that happened since my friend would be best described as the opposite of hyper and happy. But apparently the perky girl pushed herself into the friendship.

So my friend introduced her to the group and now we’re all friends and everyone loves her because she’s just so damn hyper it can’t get boring.

I’m not completely complaining, if it’s not annoying, it is at least amusing. Also because my friend has gotten the idea into her head that she is not fun and needs to be, not as hyper, but a little more hyper as the perky rah- rah girl she is now friends with.

So now I’ve noticed that my friend is somewhat altering her personality to jump every now and then, let out a squeal when happy or scared, and giggle after¬†every few sentences. I want to tell her that she was amazing just the way she was before but I know she will deny she is changing at all and get defensive.

And the perky girl, well I don’t know, she’s okay to talk to when we’re with girls only. But in our group of friends, we have a few guys and she likes to get super perky around guys because they find it really cute or whatever. I suspect she doesn’t realize she is doing it, maybe it’s just one of these things where you don’t realize what you’re doing.

But now when we hang out in a group and my friend is acting a little like the perky girl, I get almost anti- hyper. I just sort of stand back, watch and think, “Man, I could not act like that. And I wouldn’t want to.”

I mean, sure, they are fun and amusing and all. But I just couldn’t do it.

It’s just not me. ¬†