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Maybe this is something I definitely should not admit on here, but I’m starting to loose inspiration to keep up this blog.

I just don’t think about it much anymore, and there’s so much going on.

When there’s nothing going on, there’s nothing to write about.

But when there’s too much going on, I’m too busy to stop and write all about it.

The complications of it all is just mind blowing.

Sometimes I think that I would be motivated to write more if I knew more people were reading.

But that’s dumb. Because the way to get more people reading is to write more, obviously.

So what’s all this stuff going on that’s keeping me so busy, you ask?

Well there’s the Moot Court Competition for starters. I’m a part of my school law team and we have this competition coming up next week.

I will have to present my argument to a panel of judges who will question me and otherwise poke me and probe me until I break.

Should be lots of fun.

No, really, I am hoping it will fun. Interesting. A new experience.

What’s also next week, on the same day in fact, (but different times, otherwise I would be freaking out) is my school musical: The Ugly Duckling.

Thank the heavens that I didn’t get a major part because I haven’t had enough time to go to rehearsals due to the law competition practices.

I only play a hen anyways. So that’s also taking up my time.

Also, this year, I am taking the SAT. I need to get a good score because my parents will be so disappointed if I can’t get into a good college.

So I take prep classes and practices tests once a week for that.

So that’s a lot of pressure.

Add that to the balancing act of keeping my gpa up, avoiding school drama, and making sure I have enough sleep so I’m not cranky all day.

Oh yeah, and reminding myself that I have a blog that I should maybe write in every now and then.


If I could invent my own laws, I think I would make it illegal to wake up before the sun rises.

And a number of other things, but let’s focus on that.

I mean seriously, my first class of the day is so early, they don’t even call it “1st period” anymore. They call it “0 period”.

No seriously, even on the official schedule, it says I start “0 period”.

And you wanna know when this “0 period” starts? 7:10 AM.

And it takes at least 30 minutes to get there and 45 minutes just to get dressed and somewhat fix up my unreasonable hair.

Which means that I practically have to wake up at the butt-crack dawn every day.

It is more exhausting than it sounds like.

And on top of that, more class, more AP classes, which means more work, which ultimately sucks.

And I’m on the Law Team so twice a week we go into the city to train with Lawyers.

Which is some really cool experience, by the way.

But by the time I get back from the city, it’s like 8PM and I smell like a horse’s behind and my stomach sounds like an earthquake.

It really gets frustrating when you go to school practically before the sun rises and come back long after the sun’s called it a day.

And then there’s homework.

Which I should be doing now.


Okay so I feel absolutely terrible for neglecting this blog since- I don’t even know how long. But fellow readers, fear not, I have my reasons.

First of all I would like to announce that I AM FINALLY FINALLY 16 YEARS OLD.

So yes, I had a big party on Saturday, enjoyed it with all my friends and family, lots of presents, lots of fun.

It was like a dream come true, because to be honest, a sweet 16 was something I had been thinking about since I was a child, it was like a dream.

So it goes without saying that there was a lot of preparation for this party so Thursday and Friday was dedicated mostly to confirming last minute invites, checking food, decorating the house, deciding on my makeup and hair and all that stuff.

So that definitely took out my time, also Saturday itself when I was partying and eating with my friends until midnight.

And would you believe my luck, my trigonometry regents test were on Friday- that’s right- the day RIGHT before the party. So on top of all the party planning, I had to study. If my grade was not good, and my mom was the least bit suspicious that it the party affected it negatively, she would have steam coming out of ears.

So I studied my butt off and hey, you know  what, I actually think I did okay. I wouldn’t want to say pretty good because I don’t want to jinx it (believe me, it happened last year, it is possible) but you know then again math is considerably one of my stronger subjects (careful there, doesn’t mean I’m some kind of math genius now).

Oh and plus, today was my chemistry regents test.

Yeah. A HUGE contrast to my trigonometry regents test..

Science has always been my worst subject, and I never particularly had an interest in it.

I honestly can’t say that I’m positive I passed, forget getting a decent grade, I’m not even sure I answered enough questions that if I were to get every single one right, I passed.

But luckily for me, worst happens for worst, I can always retake it in January.

So I’m actually kind of fine about it.

But my mom isn’t. Mother’s never tend to be anyways.

I’m just glad all my duties for the whole year is over. Now I can somewhat relax before summer really kicks off and the heat gets to me.

But now all my tests are over. Except this summer, I have to study for SAT’s..

But that shouldn’t be too bad.

So yeah, there’s my valid excuse 🙂

You know, in many ways, having a crush on a guy is very quite annoying.

For one thing, it’s distracting.

And what if you don’t want to like him?

What if you know you shouldn’t like him?

What if you’re just trying to concentrate on your schoolwork and not get involved with boys and yet this guy just comes around with his sweet talking and your head gets jumbled?

It’s annoying because you can’t help it and you need to get him out of your head.

I need to get him out of my head.

I mean for godsake, I don’t even know for sure if he likes me.

Although he has dropped a few hints. Okay, maybe a bit more than a few. And even other people think he likes me.

But it doesn’t matter. Because I’m not interested.

Because this guy is not the type of guy that I usually talk to and sometime he says some really messed up things and sometimes he really annoys me because sometimes he just gets to me.

Like that time when he said I needed to loose weight. He moved halfway across the room to cut into me and my friend’s conversation to inform me that I need to loose weight. Of course, I acted like I couldn’t care less and dismissed him, but how is that not supposed to hurt?

But then, my friends tell me that the only reason he did that was to get your attention, I mean duhh.

Well that’s a really elementary method of trying to get a girl’s attention, by insulting her. But that was earlier on in the year. When I thought of him as a complete jerk.

But lately, we’ve been getting along. After he made that comment about my weight, I would take every chance I get to make fun of him and we would just be at it with each other for a while. Until he stopped, and so did I.

And now, we’re somewhat friends. And these last few days, he’s been dropping hints. Little things.

Like in class when he called my name over and over again and I said “What??” in an annoyed tone and he just gives me grin and says, “Nothing, you’re beautiful.”

Now what kind of girl doesn’t get warmed by that?

And then the other day, he took the long way home so I wouldn’t have to go home alone after the school concert. And he offered me some popcorn.

Since we were getting along so well, I took some and teased him, “Why are you offering me? I thought you said I had to loose weight?”

And he smiles and goes, “What? No, I never said that.. I didn’t mean it.”

And I’m a forgiving person so I just shrug and let it be. And when we’re walking too fast and I complain that my shoes hurt he slows down right away and lets me catch up. And now, I just think, he’s kind of..sweet?

Except I really don’t want to think that.

He’s transferring schools next year and I have my finals and stuff to focus on and this is just not acceptable to me.

Except he won’t get out of my head and I can’t stop thinking that I like the fact that it seems he really likes me and even though he seemed like a jerk at first he’s turning out to be really kind of sweet.

But no. I must get that out of my head.

Because I just don’t have time for this silly little crush.

And I don’t have time to argue with myself either (which I do a lot, in case you haven’t noticed).