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Think that’ll whoo over the admission people?

I’m applying to a summer college program and they wanna know why I want to go to college. Isn’t the answer obvious? To get a decent degree so I can make some good cash. Obviously.

But no, they want 500 words of sweet talk. 500 words about how I had this amazing experience that made me think “It’s my lifelong dream to attend college” or I realized that, “Education is the key to life”.

Now, I like creative writing. But at the same time, I know I need to make it realistic. Surprise them. But not with “I wanna go to college to party it up”. I just posted that as my title to attract you guys to read this. Obviously.

Hey- it worked, didn’t it?

But right now, it feels like I sort of have the essay in my head. Like, I can picture it, I know the gist of it. I know what I want them to know.

Now I just gotta organize all my thoughts into 500 words of pure sugar.



So I decided I wanted to be productive this summer.

I had no places to go, no big vacation planned, no hassle.

So I wanted to stay home, study, catch up on SAT prep and look at different colleges.

That’s where my issues start.


I like looking through colleges and trying to think where I could see my future happening.

But when I look at my dream college’s requirements, my head swoons.

Yes, they require top SAT scores, and high GPA, that was expected.

But there are so many other stuff. Kids complain that we are more than an SAT score, and colleges only base acceptance on SAT, but the thing is, that’s not the only thing.

There is so much more. If SAT scores were all that mattered, we’d actually have it easy.

Just lock ourselves away for a couple of months, studying for the SAT and figuring out each and every method to get the highest score possible.

Of course, then we’d just let go of everything else. Prioritize.

But that’s not the case. Because apparently, college’s don’t want full nerds. They want a “well-rounded” student. Which, in my point of view, is a sugar coated lie for “a perfect student”.

They want a student that can juggle everything: Someone who’s the leader of clubs, organizes things or groups, volunteers, part-time jobs, internships, plays a sport or instrument, kisses up to teachers, flirts their way into good recommendations and have an amazing top SAT score in the midst of it all.

Oh, and don’t forget to add on the essay and polished application they want.

They pick through everything, is what I see.

And then there’s always the matter of cost. And they only really give the best scholarships to the kids that have the best grades or the kids that are athletes or musicians or whatever. And it’s all just too much.

It’s so much.

And I’m wondering now, because I want to be ahead of time for once instead of procrastinating like I do for everything else.

And that is why every once in a while, even though I have not even stepped into my Junior year of High School, I like to freak myself up over all this college stuff so I can continue doing that all the until I reach the front door of my future college, wherever that may be.

Oh and besides everything in this post…

Shouldn’t I be having fun in the summer times also?

They say that out of all your years in high school, your junior year is most important.

And by ‘they’, I mean all teachers and parents and most students.

Heck by now even if you asked the stray dog next door which year of high school was most important, he’d probably bark out a “Woof woof, Junior year of course.”

Okay, that was really bad but you can’t expect to hear good jokes from me when I’m over thinking things.

So I got my final scores for my regents.

I screwed up on Chemistry, failed it, but I couldn’t care less and I’m just going to retake it.

The Trigonometry regents, however, I did really good.

I got a 94 out of 100. That means I probably only made a few careless errors.

That also means that since I received higher than a 90 on the regents, I get to skip Pre-Calculus next year and go right onto AP Calculus for my Junior year.

That also means I have nothing to take for a math class during my senior year.

And that’s great. That’s really really great.

Except that all my friends, the ones that I still and will always believe are so smart, got a decent grade on this exam, but less than 90’s.

They were so close to a 90, just a few points away, but they didn’t make it.

Somehow, I got into the 90’s range, and they’re going where they’re supposed to go and I’m going one step ahead with all the smart kids.

Which means I’m going to be taking math class without my friends next year.

I don’t know if I can handle that.

For one thing, I truly believe that it was my friends that helped me throughout this year, even if I ended up doing better than them.

They were there for me and we were study buddy’s.

Next year, when I’m suffering and dying and about to shoot all my homework and test scores, I won’t be able to turn to them for help because they’ll be taking a lower class from me.

Plus, that’s like 4 AP classes for me next year.

AP Calculus

AP US History

AP English

and AP Biology

And on top of that I need to keep up my GPA because for colleges, the junior year GPA count’s the most!

I feel like I should just go for it, headfirst, get as far as possible without looking back.

But I also know it’s going to be a hell of a journey and I might just loose some of my hair while trying to get through it.