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^ Hahaha

But that would be pretty depressing if someone were to actually say that </3

The reason I put that into my title is because I have discovered a new possible hobby: Acting.

I’ve always loved singing, since I was a kid, but I never even considered acting.

By considering, I just mean hobby wise, not like a dream I want to pursue or anything, that’s just too risky for me.

But I tried out for the school musical and that involves a little bit of acting and I found that I love it!

It was just so much fun and I feel like with acting, I can be much more open, confident, and different.

It’s so cool, and it’s so new to me.

So out of nowhere my friend mentions that she’s looking through casting calls and auditions online for any sort of undiscovered talent in acting or modelling.

Well the modelling thing is definitely out of line (Hello, I’m just a little over 5 feet and can barely fit into my skinny jeans. Yeah, right.)

But the acting, as long as its just for fun, and it’s just try-outs, I think I want to do it.

And it’s just so crazy thinking about it now because imagine I make it?

Yeah right, I have no experience whatsoever and some of these kids have their parents paying for very costly acting classes since they were in diapers.

But then again, you never know.

I could be an extra.

On a commercial.

That random girl on a television show that’s just part of the student body walking through the hallways.


So if I do happen to go for it and make somewhere, I’ll be the one looking utterly lost and wearing a giant hat that says “Complaints Of A Teenager”. Be sure to be on the look out for me on your tv screen 😉