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Flirt Toy

Posted: September 2, 2013 in The Poetic Side
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Flirt Toy


Hey there mister

Kindly explain why you seem to linger

Yet you never seem to stay for too long

Always seem to know when to run along

I see you’ve got a habit to flirt

To drop a line and chase a different skirt

Tell me if you intend to fool my heart

Because I won’t be willing to play the part

I’m flattered by your attention

But I can see into your true intention

Thanks for the invite but I ain’t around to play

If you’d like to do serious, come around another day


A couple of months go, a guy rejected me after weeks of flirting with me and dropping endless hints.

Well, I wouldn’t say rejected exactly, just that I liked him and decided to clue him in about that and set me straight letting me know that the past flirty signs he’d been giving were nothing, just harmless little friendly things.

So I let it go, it took some time, but I got over it. And we were friends this whole time, except the time when I got annoyed at him or when I realized some bad things about him that I hadn’t cared to notice before.

And today, well I don’t know what to say, we were friends just like we’ve been for the last four or five months.

And out of nowhere, he just decides to start slipping moves on me.

Why? Gee, I don’t know, did his other options bail on him?

Did he realize that all those other girls weren’t as much fun and weren’t going to stick around?

Or maybe, maybe, and I’m just shooting out ideas here, maybe he thinks he can just play a harmless little flirting game with me.

Maybe its his sick idea of messing with my head because he’s bored.

Well I’ve got something to tell you, bud: “I’m not feeling it!”

Yeah that’s right, I don’t feel it and he can’t get into my head because the feeling  just isn’t there.

Just a couple months ago, I felt butterflies fluttering around me stomach when his hands came near my face or my waist.

Now if he’s simply breathing too close, I feel a different feeling in my stomach.

And sick twisted uncomfortable feeling. A feeling that tells me that I know exactly what he’s up to and it’s just a little too late because I’m not interested anymore!

And he just came on strong out of nowhere, finding any and every excuse to call me cute or adorable, pinching my cheeks, squeezing my stomach, touching my waist, anything!

And I promise you, I didn’t give him encouragements.

I stayed friendly- as much friendly as a friend should stay.

And when he came too close I backed away.

I don’t get if he actually thinks he’s getting somewhere with this. Because he’s not.

I’m a romantic faithful fantasy happy ending kind of girl. I can’t put with his moving- on- and- flirting- with- the- next- girl- when- he- gets- bored- ways.

I only wanted to be his friend after everything happened.

Even with his flaws, his phony acts, the things I don’t like about him, I accept that there’s always going to be some things I don’t like about everybody.

But I wanted to be his close friend, always have and always will, I think.

But he always wants to get into my head, mess everything up, and walk away without cleaning up the mess he made.