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Guess what greeted me this morning?



That’s right. Blood. And death cramps. And a sickening wet sticky feel between my legs.

Sorry, too much info? Too bad.

I have a right to be on a cranky mood.

Okay, actually I don’t. Getting your period doesn’t mean you can lash out and act however you want just because you’ve got some bleeding down there. And I hate it when girls use that excuse to take advantage of people.

So it’s best not to contradict myself.

But seriously, this is not a fun thing to wake up to.

My stomach hurts and all I feel like doing is curling up on my bed and declaring the day off and sleeping it off.

And you know, I heard woman GAIN weight during their period.

Something about water weight making you feel bloated and actually gain almost 5 pounds.

Did you read that? 5 POUNDS!! WITHIN ONE WEEK.

That is just cruel and unusual punishment.

And that is so annoying when I want to LOOSE weight.

But I don’t know, maybe if I manage to drink A LOT of water, I can loose the water weight after my period is over.

Yeah, while I am practically dying of cramps and cuddling with food because of random cravings.

Ughh, I picked the wrong morning to be a girl man.


I’ve lived in my neighborhood for as long as I can walk and I can say that it’s an okay neighborhood. Everything is within reach, we got the subway a few blocks down, bus stop right outside our front door, a deli on every street, and a laundromat on every two.

There is just one thing that has only been the same and I’m not sure when it will change. Pedophiles.

Personally, I’ve never seen them actually do any harm, but I just find them downright creepy.

Do they not have lives or wives to go home to? And if they don’t have wives, shouldn’t they be looking for one that’s… oh I don’t know, NOT A TEENAGE GIRL TRYING TO GET TO SCHOOL??

The other day I was walking to the subway to get to school and I was totally minding my own business. Seriously, it’s not I like I even saw them or batted an eyelash at them or anything. Just walking, daydreaming, humming some old catchy love song.

And all of a sudden a stumbling man staggers towards me and gives me a half smile (I should tell you it wasn’t a pleasant one either, his teeth were yellow and crooked) and he just goes, “Woww, you’re pruttyy.”

How was I supposed to react? Because what I did was shake my head so hard I think my brain got scared. And then I said, “No, Nope, I’m really not.”

Then I shoved past them and ran down the street to get to some safety.

They didn’t anything, but still it pisses me off.

Why hit on young girls on the streets when they are clearly not interested?

And more so, it wasn’t even late at night or anything like that.

It was 8am in the morning!

And I was on my way to school.

Stuff like that just cannot be tolerated.

We all know a few.

“Preppy Perky Rah- Rah Girls.”

Sound’s catchy, doesn’t it? Let me define. A Perky Rah- Rah Girl would be best described as a high school teenage girl that is too hyper for their own good. They usually have a habit to exaggerate every happy emotion they have and they usually hop up and down while doing this.

The rah- rah part; well some of them are rich, switching to a new gucci purse every day or so, and coming from an expensive private school. But the wealthy part isn’t something required to be a preppy perky rah- rah girl.

The main point is that these girls are almost always happy.

Which is a good thing.

But sometimes they are just too.. energy filled.

Happy people make you happy- which is good.

But preppy perky rah- rah girls are too joyful to the extent that it gets a tad bit annoying.

Now I have a few friends like this.

Actually, no, I don’t make friends with these kind of girls, I just don’t click with those personalities and they don’t click with me. Who knows, maybe I’m just not hyper enough for them.

But, one of my friends made friends with a perky rah- rah girl. To this day, I wonder how in the world that happened since my friend would be best described as the opposite of hyper and happy. But apparently the perky girl pushed herself into the friendship.

So my friend introduced her to the group and now we’re all friends and everyone loves her because she’s just so damn hyper it can’t get boring.

I’m not completely complaining, if it’s not annoying, it is at least amusing. Also because my friend has gotten the idea into her head that she is not fun and needs to be, not as hyper, but a little more hyper as the perky rah- rah girl she is now friends with.

So now I’ve noticed that my friend is somewhat altering her personality to jump every now and then, let out a squeal when happy or scared, and giggle after every few sentences. I want to tell her that she was amazing just the way she was before but I know she will deny she is changing at all and get defensive.

And the perky girl, well I don’t know, she’s okay to talk to when we’re with girls only. But in our group of friends, we have a few guys and she likes to get super perky around guys because they find it really cute or whatever. I suspect she doesn’t realize she is doing it, maybe it’s just one of these things where you don’t realize what you’re doing.

But now when we hang out in a group and my friend is acting a little like the perky girl, I get almost anti- hyper. I just sort of stand back, watch and think, “Man, I could not act like that. And I wouldn’t want to.”

I mean, sure, they are fun and amusing and all. But I just couldn’t do it.

It’s just not me.