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I skipped my lunch period two days in a row to get paper cuts while trying to post my flyers up everywhere around the school building.

I’m running for senior senator and elections are tomorrow.

Except here’s the thing. Yesterday, I posted up a whole bunch of flyers 7th period. And by 9th period, half of them vanished into thin air.

I know what you’re thinking, “They probably fell off, student’s brushed up against them, they wind came through the windows and took them away, etc..”

But I have a friend who told me that the friends of the candidate that’s running against me are tearing down my flyers.

Now, that’s just messed up, isn’t it? I’m not afraid of a little competition, but ripping away flyers is just against the rules.

But you know what, I’m not even going to let this get to me.

They obviously think I’m a threat if they feel the need to rip away my posters.

Besides that, a lot of people know that they are ripping away my posters and that I’m not doing the same to their’s because I refuse to stoop down to their level.

That just makes them look bad and makes me look better.

So I know I’m going to win this election and you know what? I don’t even need the flyers to do it, the other candidate is simply helping my campaign.


The one moral lesson that you keep coming back to in high school is that you really can’t trust people.

Well, at least that’s the one moral lesson that I keep coming back to. And I know it feels like I complain about this a lot but it also feels like I’m learning this lesson again and again. Although I am more wary of people and their actions now.

For example, if you look closely at a group or girl friends, there is almost always someone who hates the other but acts like they are best friends. There are always actors in the crowd. Because the public image is more important than what you really think.

Even my own friends sometimes don’t really feel like friends. Sometimes people try to be close to you only to manipulate you and get something they want.

And the thing about trust, is that it’s used as a weapon. Simply telling someone, “I’m trusting you”, even if you’re not trusting them, is simply getting it into their head the fact that you trust them therefore, they must act a certain way. If though you don’t really trust them.

Does this make sense?

I don’t know, it’ll probably make more sense if I was more specific and told you guys exactly what’s going on in school to make me write this stuff (otherwise known as how a blog is technically supposed to work) but that’s just so much work, so I think I’ll just let your thoughts wander for now.


“Oh my gosh, I’m soo fat.”

“Ugh, look at this tiny piece of flab, I should like quit eating.”

“Why do my thighs jiggle? I want a thigh gap”. etc.

And the list goes on. You know, I’m pretty sure I’ve wrote a post almost IDENTICAL to this one but it’s just SO common in teenage girls.

Yes, I know, sometimes people just like to complain. But trashing yourself about your figure, in front of someone who’s more “curvier” than you are?

Come on, how do you think that makes me feel?

I usually don’t like to complain. In fact, I hate it, I hate it when people do it too much too.

And so even if I am sometimes not satisfied with my body, I won’t say it out loud. Especially not in front of someone who’s fatter than me!

I don’t know, that just leaves people in an awkward position.

When I’m with a girl who says that she is fat, I’m just like,

“Okay, you call yourself fat, then what am I supposed to be..?”

So I picked the topic that was on the top of my head when I realized that I should probably update my blog and I needed something to write on.

So here goes; the concept of there being one boyfriend per girl.

I know this girl. We aren’t exactly close friends, but I guess you could say we’re friends. And there a lots of things to admire about her, don’t get me wrong, she’s a very intellectual person to talk to and all.

Just.. one thing. She has a boyfriend.. yet she treats some of her guy like her boyfriends. Or maybe that’s just an exaggeration. She treats them like.. her cuddle buddies. She doesn’t flirt with anyone or anything. But she’s like this small puppy, just snuggling up with the closest male nearby.

And you know, I don’t really care. It has no concern on me. But it makes me curious as to why she does that. I mean, she has a boyfriend, and she cuddles up with him in public plenty of times. And then she just goes ahead and lays her head on one of her guy friend’s shoulder’s or just snuggles up with him and I just raise one eyebrow, utterly confused.

Maybe she’s just in need of constant comfort. Who knows.


.. And I’ll probably punch you in the face.


I’m sick of completely fake ass people that are so annoying that they irritate your last nerve.

So maybe that sounded a little harsh. But whatever.

I’ve just noticed that people are okay individually, usually if you talk to them in a realistic way, see who they really are, you like them as a person.

But drop them in a group of people and damn, it’s like switches going off all over the place alternating from personalities.

And girls. My god, especially girls, man. I don’t mean to diss my own gender but man they are annoying. Flirty, whiny, giggly, and just fake too often.

I know girls, where if you talk to them individually, they will be the best down to earth people to talk to. But place them in a social outing, and they’re sitting on their guy friend’s laps, giggling, complaining, oh and turning every outing event into a photo shoot so they can post pictures on the internet and become cyber famous.

Wow, you’re cool. This is the reason why I don’t even like social gatherings anymore. People act fake to impress others, to create a sort of impression, to just act stupid and “wild” like they see teenagers “supposed” to be on tv and I’m just like “Give me a freakin break, can’t you all just be yourselves?” They’d all probably be more appealing that way anyways.

One of the most popular things that has been been littering the news and blogs lately is the fat controversy. Yes, I just called it a fat controversy.

The dilemma between what size declares a girl beautiful and whether one should be content with the rolls of fat or not.

Let’s just get this one statement out of the way: A girl in any size can be beautiful. Okay? Now to my next statement: If a girl is in a size that’s unhealthy– whether that being she is too thin or too big- that’s no good.

Insecurity is like a terrible disease spreading through out teenage girls. Too many girls who are not overweight are starving themselves to be thin. And that is the reason why now we see so many articles telling girls that it’s okay to be chubby, plump, and often that’s what makes you even more attractive.

Now, normally, I approve. I am chubby myself and I have struggled with it many times. But I try to accept it because I have realized that I am beautiful and healthy and it is not necessary to go on a diet and try to be thin. I am aware however that if I gain too many pounds and I don’t keep up with my exercise, I will be unhealthy and that is when I need to loose weight.

That’s the thing- these articles that are designed to help girls that already healthy– they appear to be saying, you should be content no matter what size you are. Which I don’t disagree with completely- yes, overweight people can be beautiful.

But.. what about your health? Health is always important no matter which way you go. These articles that are trying to stop girls from getting too thin, shouldn’t be promoting girls who are overweight to stay “too big”.

Obesity is growing problem in the United States and can lead to heart disease, diabetes and much more.

Pleasantly plump, and looking round and soft or chubby is good- but fat to the extent that you are unhealthy is never good.

Just like thin- to the point where you are unhealthy is never good.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes but health should always be your top priority. 

So recently a friend of mine was like “A girl in your AP Biology class is so hot.”

And I was thinking, “Who is he talking about? Everybody is smart in my class, there’s no one who dresses like a slut.”

Forgive me if my thoughts are too blunt or cruel, but you must understand, these were my thoughts, they came automatically, and unfortunately honestly.

Later, my friend told me the name of the girl he thoughts was “hot”. I was like “Oh, her? She’s pretty,”

And he goes, “Yeah, that’s what I said,”

I rolled my eyes and said, “No, you said she was hot.”

He looks at me with a dumbstruck face. “Isn’t that the same thing?”

So I sighed and explained to him the difference:

No, they are not the same thing. When guys call girl’s “hot” it’s usually because they have a “hot body”. As in, tiny waist, big breasts, and a high round butt.

Pretty would be a pretty face- natrually pretty- good features that don’t need a hot body.

So no, my friend, they are not the same thing.

In fact, calling a pretty girl “hot” is pretty much an insult. Pretty girls don’t need a “hot body” because they are pretty. Hot girls are usually not very pretty by the time guys have dragged their eyes up to their face from their body. And that’s why they work so hard to flash off their “hot body”.