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I pleaded, “TAKE MINE WITH YOU!”

Haha. So today, my mom decided to attend an event at one of her friend’s house. ¬†And naturally, she dragged us along.

I didn’t really wanna go because

a: Her friend’s are like old ladies trying to “hip” and “modern” (not cool) and

b: I was just too lazy to go.

But whatever, I went because frankly, there wasn’t much to do at home.

Now the thing is, the “event” or get together or whatever you wanna call it, started a bit later. So it was like having dinner and then dessert and then really just wasting time as the mom’s talk about who’s wearing what. Okay.

So then it’s almost 11pm and my dad calls from work and asks my mom where she is.

And my mom tells him that we are all at my cousins house. Meanwhile, my cousin’s family is with us in my mom’s friend’s house.

Aka, she lied. Blatantly. This is her reasoning:

“Your dad’s just going to worry about us walking home at this hour of the night. If he think’s we’re at your cousins house, he won’t care since they live down the block. Let’s not worry him.”

So she was doing him a favor.. ?

It just amused me, how she let go of her morals like that. Teeny white lie, something I would use against her.

Even though lately, I’ve been feeling guilty when I lie like that.

I must be growing up, or something. Oh no.