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One of the most popular things that has been been littering the news and blogs lately is the fat controversy. Yes, I just called it a fat controversy.

The dilemma between what size declares a girl beautiful and whether one should be content with the rolls of fat or not.

Let’s just get this one statement out of the way: A girl in any size can be beautiful. Okay? Now to my next statement: If a girl is in a size that’s unhealthy– whether that being she is too thin or too big- that’s no good.

Insecurity is like a terrible disease spreading through out teenage girls. Too many girls who are not overweight are starving themselves to be thin. And that is the reason why now we see so many articles telling girls that it’s okay to be chubby, plump, and often that’s what makes you even more attractive.

Now, normally, I approve. I am chubby myself and I have struggled with it many times. But I try to accept it because I have realized that I am beautiful and healthy and it is not necessary to go on a diet and try to be thin. I am aware however that if I gain too many pounds and I don’t keep up with my exercise, I will be unhealthy and that is when I need to loose weight.

That’s the thing- these articles that are designed to help girls that already healthy– they appear to be saying, you should be content no matter what size you are. Which I don’t disagree with completely- yes, overweight people can be beautiful.

But.. what about your health? Health is always important no matter which way you go. These articles that are trying to stop girls from getting too thin, shouldn’t be promoting girls who are overweight to stay “too big”.

Obesity is growing problem in the United States and can lead to heart disease, diabetes and much more.

Pleasantly plump, and looking round and soft or chubby is good- but fat to the extent that you are unhealthy is never good.

Just like thin- to the point where you are unhealthy is never good.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes but health should always be your top priority. 


Yes, you read that correctly.

No, I’m not talking about laxatives. Just hear me out.

Don’t we all know that one girl who every few months or so, goes into this crazed “Oh my gosh I must loose weight” sort of thing, and then once food is tasty to them again, they’re just like, “Ugh, screw this, I like my body just the way it is.”

Yeah. That girl is me.

It’s not so much that I said “Screw this,” but rather that I thought now that school had opened and I spend my day running up and down stairs and my lunch period studying in the library, I thought weight loss would just happen, that I didn’t have to think about it.

I was wrong.

Because although I am getting a tad bit more exercise than the “channel surfing” I do at home during the summer, I end up eating too much at night and not drinking enough water throughout the day.

Water has always been a problem; it’s one of those things where I know should drink it, I just don’t think, “I’m thirsty, let me go get some water instead of some juice.”

But anyways, it’s not even that I’m gaining weight.

It’s that school has started and I’m not loosing.

I have stayed pretty much the same.

Because while I’m doing some things that would get rid of pounds, I end up doing some other things that gains pounds and that just equals out the equation.

So I’m looking back into some ways to loose weight easily. I don’t have much time to exercise, with school and homework bogging me down.

But one strategy that has gotten my interest is pooping.

Did you all know pooping looses belly fat? Not just like diarrhea, I’m talking normal pooping.

And you know, this is really helpful.

Because, honestly, I’m not even that fat. It’s just that my belly sticks out so much. It’s all just belly fat.

So I searched up some foods to promote pooping.

So that should be loads of fun 😉

To-Do list for the next few days:

Poop, poop, poop!

You guys should know something about me that is true for a lot of teenagers: I am not a fan of exercising.

It’s not like I’m super lazy or anything, I am up for simple walks and stuff but I don’t enjoy flat out running for hours or doing 100 sit-ups. Honestly, who does? Most of the people that claim to “love” exercise are the ones that are trying to get into shape- which is a good thin actually.

But now the weather is getting lighter and there’s less than month of school left and I know that when school lets out for summer all I’m going to do is sit on the couch and gain a couple more pounds.

So therefore, I have joined a fitness boot camp group in my school. I joined to just give it a try since I had never done anything like that before. It’s after school on wednesdays in the fitness room of our school where we work out for about an hour with the coach.

I had my first session yesterday and here’s the thing:

My body still aches. 

It was only an hour and I am only going to be doing it for once a week but the after effects feel like they will last for days.

The trainer made us start off on the trnedmill, which was okay- fairly easy.

Once we finished our laps on the trnedmill, he made us all stand with a good amount of space around us.

We had to 20 jumping jacks, then drop and do the plank hold for 20 seconds, rest for one minute and repeat. This went on for maybe 15 minutes.

Then came the hard stuff. We had to go down in push-up position and do 20 “mountain climbs”. If you’re like me, a stranger to the fitness world, you have no idea what that means. Basically you stay in push up position but take turns bringing each knee up to your chest, kicking back out, switching legs, and repeat. Much harder than it looks, and it looks quite hard too.

We also did series of 20 squats, taking 20 second breaks in between to do plank holds.

And did you all know there is maybe 20 different ways to do sit-ups?

We did sit-ups with our legs up, legs crossed, arms behind our heads, arms reaching out.

All in all, it was just crazy, and so much at once.

I thought for sure I would feel better later, after a good night’s rest and all that.

Right now, it is the night of the day after the fitness and I still wince when I climb stairs.

Everything is just sore, legs, thighs, event shoulders and waist!

Waiting to get my body back to normal because next Wednesday, I’m doing it again.

You know, maybe this fitness thing really isn’t my thing..

But I’ll never forgive myself if I quit so easily..