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Not Meant To Be

Didn’t see it coming

Nor did I even suspect it

We were puzzle pieces

Designed to fit

I had it all planned out

I put the words into his mouth

But he had other plans

That he forgot to inform me about

Jumping off with eyes wide open

I didn’t think my parachute would fail me

But he spoke the wrong words

And stepped back to let me see

See that all this time, I was fooled

See that he is not who I thought he was

See that I could not depend on fate to work it all out

See that all we might have ever had was lost

We were more

I knew it and so did he

But he backtracked at the last minute

Walked away and left me

My friends tell me that it wasn’t meant to be

I told myself it wasn’t meant to be

But it was once meant to be

Until he chose her over me