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Is it just me or are teenage girl’s left and right getting knocked up?

Sorry for lack of better wording, but “pregnant” feels like a celebration. And putting “teenager’s” and “pregnant” together should in no way be a celebration.

Honestly, though, in the span of just today, I found out two cases.

And the thing is, they’re not even ashamed or being conservative about it. I’m not saying, it’s not great to reproduce and bring in a new life and all. But at this age? What about their future’s? What about everything they ever said they would do when they grow up?

True, it’s possible to do all those things still and it’s not the end of the world. But still.. throwing a baby into the mix complicates things.

And I know, I know, “it wasn’t like it was on purpose”, “mistake’s happen, you just gotta deal”, but there are so many ways to be more careful. Hell, most nurses give out condoms! Use them!

I don’t know, I guess my mentality is different because in my culture, you shouldn’t even be sleeping around until you’re married..

But really, teenager’s are getting pregnant and then declaring it on Facebook or gossiping about it in work like they’re talking about the weather.

Is it just normal now? Is that what our society has come to? To just have a kid when you’re barely an adult and hold onto to the off chance that everything will work out?

That’s crazy. Because in my world, if you find out you’re bringing in a new life before you’ve even let yourself get a chance at your own life, you have a lot of thinking to do.

And maybe do that before just tossing around the news to the whole world?

Really, I don’t mean to judge but.. this isn’t as casual as people are making it out to be..


I swear, this is the fifth time I’m rewriting this post with a completely different topic. The thing is, there is so much I could write about. But I don’t want to bore my readers. I mean, sometimes I just want to empty my mind.

But do you guys really give a damn about what’s going on in my life.

I have little little ideas but actually taking one and expanding into a legit post is like, mad work. Which is my catch phrase, by the way. Pretty dumb, I know but it’s just so catchy. To me, anyways.

In a summary, here’s what’s going on:

~ Elections for senior senator was yesterday. I find out the results on Monday. I have no idea if I won or not because the election was pretty close. Oh and there was a tiny fiasco where I thought the voting was going unfairly and I said something upsetting to a candidate and she went running to the advisor who then proceeded to pull me aside and lecture me about “getting along”. Whatever, pretty messed up but it was a misunderstanding and I apologized like the bigger person I am. And I cried out all my tears during AP Biology where the lights were low and we watched a sad movie anyways. So I’m over that.

~ Had work for about 3 and a half hours today. Which is extremely short but whatever, I complain if I have to stay for too long also.

~ What sucks about having work for such a short amount of time though is the fact that I couldn’t see HIM. Yes, of course there’s a HIM at work. No, I do not like him because he is three years older than me and I totally do not need that drama right now. But regardless, I kinda do like HIM but I’m really really trying not to. If you haven’t noticed.

~ I was forced to call out of work tomorrow because I got a 2 to 7 shift and my dad hosted a barbecue party at my house and doesn’t want me out of the house when our family friends are here. There was a bit of a fiasco there also because when I called my manager she was annoyed because I also asked to come in after 2 next Saturday. But she did call up another coworker and got me the day off. So now I can stay home tomorrow and enjoy a barbecue party with a house full of ‘family friends’. Fun.

~ That also means I won’t see HIM tomorrow. Which means it will be the whole weekend that I won’t see him and the next time I see him it will have been two weeks. Damn.. probably for the best. Considering the fact that I’m trying to stay just friends with him and all.. But still.. Ugh.. fighting it..

~ Now I’m home on a Saturday night. No work and no life either. And my sister is at tutoring.So no one to bother or get into pointless arguments with. I don’t think I’m allowed to be a teenager and have no plans on a Saturday night.. But then again, with my parents, I can go just about NOWHERE.

~ I don’t know how to make my blog more popular and I’m still trying to decide whether I really care about that or not.

You just can’t.

You can try to guide them in the right direction. You can teach them right from wrong. But you can’t stop them from making mistakes and learning from them. 

I see parenting all over the place where the parents are so obsessed with who their child talks to that they literally try to control their life. You can’t do that. Just like, some point after kindergarten, you can’t really tell your children who they can and can’t hang out with.

I’m so sick of parents trying to adjust a kids life and try to keep them away from people who will give them ‘bad ideas’. In fact, I think kids, especially teenagers should be exposed to these ‘bad influences’. You know why? So they can learn to say NO.

Everyone should be offered an illegal drink or a cigarette as soon as they step into high school just so they can practice saying “No, that’s really not good for me” instead of having to depend on their parents to keep them away from those people in the first place.

Because parent’s can’t shield you from the bad world forever.

You need to see the reality. You need to be exposed to stuff that could lead you down the wrong path just so you could learn to make that turn and do the right thing.

Cuz at the end of the day, your parents don’t have that power- YOU DO.

.. And I’m still not a popular blogger?

Oh wells, story of my life. Not like I really put the effort into it, huh?

So WordPress has just awarded me with this notification alerting me that I have managed to keep this blog for a year and to “keep up the good blogging” and I guess now’s the time to look back and see what I’ve actually accomplished in the last year of blogging.

Well for starters, I think one of the first things I realized that is that it takes a bit of an effort to actually get followers and the dream of instantly getting my blog so popular that I can make a living off of it is completely baseless and irrational.

Fine. And then I had the theme dilemma. I still do. By the way, what do you guys think of this theme?

It looks very teenager-y, don’t you think? I thought it would fit and look kind of sassy being that I’m a teenager and sassy and all. But I’m not sure, a part of me is saying it doesn’t look “professional” but then again, this blog is in no way, “professional”.

It’s all the color that is kind of making me tilt my head because it looks a little like puke.. I don’t know. But honestly, I could spend hours looking through different themes and I would never be satisfied. So forget that.

And while we’re on the topic, I never did really learn how to custumize my blog. I mean, I’ve experimented with themes- still experimenting, but I mean like adding all sorts of features and headers and stuff.

But some stuff that would probably make my blog better I just don’t want to add. Like, my picture. This blog is something that’s public- online. Even thought it’s unlikely a lot of people will find my blog on Google or something- it’s kind of weird having strangers see your picture. Plus- I like the idea of a mysterious author.

And I would never include a link to my Facebook. Only a few people in the real world even know I have a blog. I’m not ashamed of it or anything- I just prefer being my own person on here and to me, it would feel so weird to mix my online life with my real life.

I’m the same person… yet I’m not, you know?

Online, I think I’m a bit more open. I can say anything because no one can really point fingers at me and people will only read if they’re interested. I know I’m not boring anyone because otherwise they wouldn’t be reading.

But other than that stuff, I have a few widgets on my blog, which I think are the only few that I feel are necessary.

And sure, I don’t have the greatest amount of followers, and I don’t update all the time.

But I like having this blog. It’s a part of my life. A way to unleash.

So happy blog-a-versary to me!

I feel suffocated sometimes as a teenager. Not even, just being in my house, being around my family sometimes suffocates me. Just because everything is so restricted and everything you do and say gets thrown right back at your face.

It’s really hard keeping it together sometimes when all you wanna do is throw a tantrum like “a typical teen” and slam some doors and turn up the music and pout for a while.

Sometimes I just wonder, when the hell can I get out of here? When can I move out, is more like it.

I wanna be independent. I wanna be free. Free of any rules and restrictions and troubles. Although I’m smart enough to know that moving out won’t help any.

I miss being a kid. When I was young, I had my future all planned out.

I would turn 18, have such great grades that I would go to a school far away from home.

And that would be it. That would be my one way ticket out of here. Just use that to run away and never come back.

The future seemed so much cooler to think about whens a kid.

And the irony is

We could be in a room full of people

And be so alone

We could have pockets full of bills

Yet have nothing at all

We could all day 

And not say a word

We could be ‘friends’

But not friends at all. 

Hey naive girl,

Didn’t you know?

This is the real world,

Not a fairytale

This is where all is an illusion

When the truth is a lie

And the lie is a truth

No, he didn’t mean to say it

No, you didn’t mean to believe it

The cards were laid out on the table

And you chose what you assumed

Your innocence has forgot to let you know

That real life is nothing but a show.