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Falling In Love With The Way He Loves Her

It’s the way he looks at her

With a twinkle in his eye and a smile as bright as the sun

It’s the fact that he has a fragile heart and childish glee

It makes me want to discover all that he could be

She smiles back but turns away

And I wonder, ‘why can’t that be me?’

And I bite my tongue and try to rewind those words

But suddenly things have changed

It’s bittersweet, really

It turns out that I’ve fallen for he, who’s fallen for her.


During summer break, some people like to travel. Maybe to another country, an exotic new place, or an island, or even visit their relatives a few states away.

Some teenage girls might be using this as a quality time to hang out with friends or get up close and personal with that boyfriend that’s been busy during the school year, maybe even hitch up a new guy just for a ‘summer fling’.

Me? I have my frizzy head buried in book after book, letting the words of a parallel lives with happy endings whisk me away until way after midnight.

And I don’t read just any books. I read romance.

I have been obsessed with romance books since, I don’t even know when.

I think it started with short love stories online.

But there’s just something so captivating about being able to pretend you’re the main girl in the story, barely being able to resist the flirtatious hot guy that’s been sending you cheesy winks and corny lines.

The frustration you feel when a character messes up in telling their partner how they really feel or when they don’t try hard enough for love because they think other things are important.

In real life, when it comes to situations like “what I choose, my head or my heart”, I’m the girl that will tell you heads.

Because a) this is high school, these guys will move on most likely, and b) your heart doesn’t have a brain duhhh

So my friends see me as a negative when it comes to that (I call it being realistic)

But when I’m lost in my love stories, nothing else matters. The characters are destined to be and whatever stands in their way, they can work around because no matter what, in the very end, love conquers all.

Key word: love. My books have love. The guys in this lifetime don’t.

And so I let myself enjoy the romance from these books, aware how pathetic it is that I use it to replace my own non-existent love life.

But you know what, I don’t care.

Because reading about love so caring and tender makes me believe that I can wait, I can wait till I’m older to find a guy that has the same wits as me, loves me, and, well, can keep up with my comebacks 😉

So I don’t need to waste time on these guys just because I want a cuddle buddy.

I have my novels to cuddle with 😀

Not Meant To Be

Didn’t see it coming

Nor did I even suspect it

We were puzzle pieces

Designed to fit

I had it all planned out

I put the words into his mouth

But he had other plans

That he forgot to inform me about

Jumping off with eyes wide open

I didn’t think my parachute would fail me

But he spoke the wrong words

And stepped back to let me see

See that all this time, I was fooled

See that he is not who I thought he was

See that I could not depend on fate to work it all out

See that all we might have ever had was lost

We were more

I knew it and so did he

But he backtracked at the last minute

Walked away and left me

My friends tell me that it wasn’t meant to be

I told myself it wasn’t meant to be

But it was once meant to be

Until he chose her over me

Flirt Toy

Posted: July 3, 2013 in The Poetic Side
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Flirt Toy


Hey there mister

Kindly explain why you seem to linger

Yet you never seem to stay for too long

Always seem to know when to run along

I see you’ve got a habit to flirt

To drop a line and chase a different skirt

Tell me if you intend to fool my heart

Because I won’t be willing to play the part

I’m flattered by your attention

But I can see into your true intention

Thanks for the invite but I ain’t around to play

If you’d like to do serious, come around another day

A Whole New Light


Known her for a while

As the girl who’s just a casual friend

Never before got to know her well

But now things feel different

He sees her under a whole new light

Found out things he never knew

Under that new light, she shines like a star

He sees she’s something different too

But she will never know

Of the new light he saw her through

He’ll keep quiet for the sake of his heart

And their friendship too

A poem I wrote a while ago about two close friends.

You ever seen those movies where the lead characters claim to hate each other when in reality they are in love with each other?

They spend the whole movie arguing and bickering with each other and then that miracle hits when they realize they could not live with each other.

Everyone tells them they are in love with each other but both of them deny that they would never be seen with such a person.

But everyone knows they’re just kidding around because well, that’s just them.

And even when they do finally get together, there are little fights and bickering and just teasing here and there to keep things light and funny.

But at the end of the day, with every “I Hate You” they throw at each other, they really mean “I Love You”.

Yeah. I like those kind of relationships.

In fact, I would want those kinds of relationships. Not even just as like a boyfriend, or a husband or whatever. But even with like friendships and stuff.

The ability to tease and push each other around without ever taking anything too serious just seems like so much fun.

Even with my guy friends, I will always be sure to diss them, tease them, make fun of them for something to keep it fun.

But I like to make sure that they know I’m only joking. That that’s just me. That’s just us.

I wanna be that girl that can pull of teasing you and making you laugh and making fun of you while being one of the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.

And you know, that “I Hate You (I Love You)” relationship with a boyfriend does sound nice.

I would hate to be those mushy, sappy girlfriends that sit there going like “aww my boyfriend’s soo sweet, I love my boo-boo bear so much.”

I would be that girlfriend that sits there and goes, “Honestly? My guy just might be missing half his brain. But it’s all cool cause I love him just the way he is.”

Doesn’t that sound much more interesting?

I made fun of him, but everyone knows I don’t mean it, because I backed it up with a sweet statement.

I like that.

And I like those types of movies too.

So I think we all know those type of guys that claim they are so into a girl before trailing around another girl only a week or two later and claiming the same about her.

Those types are quite popular throughout high school these days. They never spend too long on one girl and thought it can be a good thing not to get attached and stuff, sometimes you have to wonder, “Did you really even like her? Or were you just fishing?”

And then don’t you have to consider the feelings of the girl? Do guys know that the girls realize when the guys just loose interest and decide to drop them like a rotten fish?

And the irony is that when the guy likes the first girl, he usually says, “I really like her, yes, I’m going after her, blah blah blah.”

And then he see’s the next pretty thing in a skirt walking by and it’s suddenly, “Ooh, I want that one now.”

Forget that he was crazy about the girl before. The next thing is here.

Hello! Girl’s aren’t iphone generations. You don’t just ditch the old one when the new one comes out! (Well unless your old one broke or something and the new one has a nice deal and stuff.. well lets back on topic here.)

So I’m thinking I should say how in the world this relates to me. I mean so many times I just argue well known concepts of society and stuff and I don’t share the personal details.

So there was this guy. Is this guy. Um let’s call him ***

Just because, I like stars. Yeah.

Well anyways, he likes this girl, let’s call her Girl #3.

You’ll find out why soon.

So *** and Girl #3, I see them together a lot these days. They’re both tall, he’s strong, she’s skinny. And she’s always in his arms. No, I mean it literally. He’s always carrying her. Like bridal carry. So okay, I guess they really like each other.

But wait.


Not more than two weeks ago, there was another girl. Let’s call her.. hm Girl #2 works.

So Girl #2 was a distant friend of mine. *** really liked her. I mean, everyone knew about it too. And she was very pretty. Sweet girl. But she didn’t exactly like him back. But it doesn’t matter anyhow, he still talked to her. You know, cuz he really liked her. And know, he all of a sudden is head over heels for Girl #3? Interesting.

So I suppose I should get to Girl #1. Here’s the thing: Girl #1 had a boyfriend.


But he liked her. For a while too. Wouldn’t admit it too much, would just talk about her, talk to her, spin her around, and flirt like there’s no tomorrow.

But yeah, that wasn’t long before Girl #2.

It’s just, kind of mind- blogging that someone would be that desperate to be jumping from girl after girl.

It really just disgusts me. And to think I actually feelings for that ***.

But let’s not talk about that right now. Never goin back there.