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And the irony is

We could be in a room full of people

And be so alone

We could have pockets full of bills

Yet have nothing at all

We could all day 

And not say a word

We could be ‘friends’

But not friends at all. 


Falling In Love With The Way He Loves Her

It’s the way he looks at her

With a twinkle in his eye and a smile as bright as the sun

It’s the fact that he has a fragile heart and childish glee

It makes me want to discover all that he could be

She smiles back but turns away

And I wonder, ‘why can’t that be me?’

And I bite my tongue and try to rewind those words

But suddenly things have changed

It’s bittersweet, really

It turns out that I’ve fallen for he, who’s fallen for her.

Hey naive girl,

Didn’t you know?

This is the real world,

Not a fairytale

This is where all is an illusion

When the truth is a lie

And the lie is a truth

No, he didn’t mean to say it

No, you didn’t mean to believe it

The cards were laid out on the table

And you chose what you assumed

Your innocence has forgot to let you know

That real life is nothing but a show.

Flirt Toy

Posted: July 3, 2013 in The Poetic Side
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Flirt Toy


Hey there mister

Kindly explain why you seem to linger

Yet you never seem to stay for too long

Always seem to know when to run along

I see you’ve got a habit to flirt

To drop a line and chase a different skirt

Tell me if you intend to fool my heart

Because I won’t be willing to play the part

I’m flattered by your attention

But I can see into your true intention

Thanks for the invite but I ain’t around to play

If you’d like to do serious, come around another day