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Haha, definitely not me.

But that’s the topic of the picture I will be uploading on facebook.

And it will be of me in a black hoodie, bright pink lipstick, big black hoop earrings, hair curly and up, eyeliner, and my pose will be of me with my hip stuck out and an exaggerated, (and believe me when I say exaggerated) duck face.

And lips all out and puffed and slimy looking a duck with an overgrown beak.

Oh yeah. I think my lips actually got cramped during the few seconds needed to take the picture.

And you know what my captions going to be.

“Holllaaa!! Am I cool now? Or is the preferred term, ‘ratchet'”.

It’s going to be so perfect because all the smart people will understand and laugh their buttocks off.

A picture mocking all the silly girls in our school who think it is cool or cute to be loud, obnoxious, rude, and pose like a prostitute who just waded out of a duck pond?

I think, “yes.”

And I cannot wait to all the likes blow up.

I can just see it.


And hilarious.


Okay, before you jump on me saying, “Oh come on, that saying is SO last year”, I understand that I used it for a reason.

The reason is that I don’t feel the need to keep up with what’s “in” “this year”.

Oh and also I actually do like that saying ;D

But seriously.

I look around, and everyone is giving themselves up for what they think is cool or popular. And what’s funny is that people deny it too.

And they say they are just expressing themselves? No they are not, they are simply expressing what people want them to express or what would be cool to express.

In the hallways, almost every guy is wearing brands name $300-$400 Jordan shoes when half of them probably don’t even like the way those shoes look.

We’re getting snapshots of guy’s underpants just because some fool decided one day that wearing jeans at the waist was overrated.

Well you know what, doing and wearing what everyone else is overrated!

And girls.

The high-waist pants and crop tops? Looks ridiculously.

And yes, I can see you secretly tugging your top down and awkwardly walking down the hallways.

If you’re not comfortable in it, why are you in it? Because you think people will give you more respect because you are?

There are thousands of topics on trends that I could go on and on about.

But then my keyboard would probably explode. Or your eyes will. Which you want to imagine.

I’m telling you know, you don’t realize how stupid people act until you hang out with the REAL people.

People who do things because there’s a reason to, because they want to.

And you know, I actually have notes and chats and stuff saved from freshmen year.

And yeah, okay, I did talk like “yo dat’s mad kool, i ain’t eva seen nuttin like dat”

So go ahead, laugh at me, I wanted to be cool for a bit there.

Sue me.

But I admit it.

And I learned from it.

And I grew more mature from it.

And now I look back and think,

“GOD. I was so STUPID back then.”

I don’t how anybody ever took me seriously.

Then again, I don’t know if anyone ever took me seriously at all.