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What is the purpose of friendship?

I recently lost a friend who I was very close to. I respected her, I looked up to her, and I just generally liked her as a person. 

But these days for whatever reason, she stopped talking to me.

She barely looks up when I say hello and the few times she does talk to me it is whenever she needs something.

For example, when she needs to talk to me to avoid talking to someone else, she will turn around and act like we’ve been buddies this whole time. 

Or when she needs to know the schedule for a class, she’ll turn around and ask like she hasn’t been ignoring me for days.

Needless to say, I don’t like that and I have decided that I’ve lost her. I can’t say we are still friends.

I was discussing this with another friend of mine, a guy.

He agrees that she uses me. But then he says, “Well, the real purpose of friendship is to use each other, is it not?”

See, I disagree with that.

Yes I see that when your friends with someone, you use them, whether its for company, for help, for helping you get through something, you use them, yes.

But there’s a difference, in SIMPLY going to someone to use them, and using them because they are THERE. 

In friendship, you don’t really use someone, because you don’t have to, they offer the help and you offer to do the same to them. 

Friendship is its own reward, you don’t use it to get something because that isn’t really friendship, right?

Friendship gives you someone just to enjoy life with, someone you don’t need to USE, because it’s not using them, it’s simply receiving what they offer because you both know that you would do the same for them.




Hey naive girl,

Didn’t you know?

This is the real world,

Not a fairytale

This is where all is an illusion

When the truth is a lie

And the lie is a truth

No, he didn’t mean to say it

No, you didn’t mean to believe it

The cards were laid out on the table

And you chose what you assumed

Your innocence has forgot to let you know

That real life is nothing but a show.