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Is it to slowly put distance between you guys before he has a chance to ask you out?

What about the bro-zone technique, they “Hey bro, you’re such a great FRIEND” ?

Or just flat out telling him that you’re not interested in anything more if that’s what he’s thinking?

Or does that make you seem too arrogant?

Yet, I’m thinking that last option is the least sneaky way to go. It’s the most honest, clear-cut and straight up. But.. I don’t want things to be awkward. I wanna stay friends with him.

I know, I know, how many times have you heard that one? But this guy is someone from work and I don’t talk to a lot of people from work. But him, I talk to because he’s fun and easy to talk to.

So I don’t wanna do this in a way that’s just going to push him away completely.

But I also know that I don’t want whatever he’s thinking in his head. And I definitely do not want to lead him on although naturally, until I make it clear to him that I don’t want this, that is kind of what I’m doing..

Ugh, the struggle.


Like especially if it’s a difference between less than 18, and 18 and up?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the phrase, “Age is but a number” hasn’t been used since the times of Romeo and Juliet. And even that was pretty insane.

So there’s a guy. Of course there’s a guy. And he’s older. Which is why I’m talking about age.

Keep in mind, I’m only 16. And he’s.. 19. Wasn’t there a rule somewhere that a 3 year age difference isn’t that bad?

I don’t know, but either way I’m like 99.9% sure that getting involved with this guy is definitely not a good idea.

Not that anything will happen. Or is even about to happen. I don’t even like him like that. I don’t think so. He’s just fun to talk and he’s a cool guy and all. But he’s like lingering around me. I don’t know what that’s all about.

Sometimes thing’s get a tad bit flirty. I usually don’t mind. It’s fun actually.

But yeah, even if I were to catch feelings for him, I would steer clear.

!6, 19, probably not a good match.

But anyways, what do you guy’s think about relationships with older guys? I know some people say that if he’s a certain number of years older than you, he might as well be your babysitter not your boyfriend.

But what’s your opinion?

I doubt anything is going to happen between me and 19 year old but the topic of age is interesting.

Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

So I picked the topic that was on the top of my head when I realized that I should probably update my blog and I needed something to write on.

So here goes; the concept of there being one boyfriend per girl.

I know this girl. We aren’t exactly close friends, but I guess you could say we’re friends. And there a lots of things to admire about her, don’t get me wrong, she’s a very intellectual person to talk to and all.

Just.. one thing. She has a boyfriend.. yet she treats some of her guy like her boyfriends. Or maybe that’s just an exaggeration. She treats them like.. her cuddle buddies. She doesn’t flirt with anyone or anything. But she’s like this small puppy, just snuggling up with the closest male nearby.

And you know, I don’t really care. It has no concern on me. But it makes me curious as to why she does that. I mean, she has a boyfriend, and she cuddles up with him in public plenty of times. And then she just goes ahead and lays her head on one of her guy friend’s shoulder’s or just snuggles up with him and I just raise one eyebrow, utterly confused.

Maybe she’s just in need of constant comfort. Who knows.


Every time I like a guy, I am faced with a head vs. heart situation.

And you know, every time I start a school year, I promise myself that I won’t fall for another guy and it ends up happening? Damn.

So my current situation is that I can’t help but like this guy and it’s getting worse by the minute. All of a sudden, I’m formulating plans in my head so I can “accidentally” bump into him or at the very least, walk out of school with him and take the subway home together. And then when we’re in a group, I am calculating the possibility of the off chance that everybody else will have to go else where and me and him will be alone.

Which is dumb, because I don’t even wanna date the guy.

Why would I not want to date the guy I like you ask?

Well I could give you the perfectly reasonable long answer: I simply don’t have time for one, I should focus on school, my parents don’t allow me to date anyways so I would have to sneak around (never mind that I constantly do that anyways) etc.

And then there’s the cold, harsh, short, simple truth: I’m afraid of getting hurt. Not only that, I am afraid of messing things up. There’s just so many factors that come into play with a high school relationship. Everybody else, parents, school etc. And plus, they hardly ever last. Is it really worth giving up a valued friendship for a few months of cuddling and kisses?

My head is complicated, I know.

But besides that, why am I even thinking about this?

There is nothing to say that this guy might like me.

Even if feelings were to end up as mutual, I would chicken myself out and mess everything up anyways.

Why is this such a dilemma?

How do I deal with this?

How I focus my head to rule out everything that my heart says because when it comes down to it, my head has a brain, my heart doesn’t.

You know that moment when you realize that you long to talk to that one person maybe too often then you should.

That when you walk into the room, your’s eyes immediately scan the area looking for him?

That when you love talking to him because you smile better and you laugh longer.

That after two years of seeing him as a buddy, he suddenly seems to have grown up this year, more leaner muscles, and way more mature and good looking.

That moment when it hits you that you no longer see him as a buddy anymore.

That’s the moment when I say, “Crap.”

Because you see, that’s the moment when I know I’m screwed.

Because I hate it when I like a guy. And especially my friend. Someone I see everyday and admire.

I can’t cope with it. Because I am not going to “go for it”.

I won’t consider him liking me and us having a relationship.

I won’t. Because its too complicated.

And high school relationships never last.

And besides that, he really liked one my closest friends. And he’s still getting over her.

And I love him too much as a friend to risk that anyways.

So I can’t like him.

Yet, I do.

What I like about him? Jeez, there are so many things..

If you read the poem I posted on the last post, I mainly fell in love with the way he fell for my friend. The way he tried not to like her, but couldn’t help it, the longing look on his face when he looked at her.

I would love for him to look at me like that.

But I can’t wish for that.

It’s too risky.

He is really something though.

Sensitive. Funny. Playful. Childish. Understanding. And so vulnerable at times, it makes my heart ache.

It makes me want to hug him hard and protect him and ask him to do the same for me.

But that’s just my fantasy dreams talking.

I just have to be his friend. And he said I’m one of his closest friends.

So that has to be something.

So let’s just ignore the fact that I maybe possibly probably like him.

Because that doesn’t matter.

If only I could stop thinking about him.

Don’t ask why, but I personally know A LOT of corny pick-up lines.

You had to ask why.

Fine, I’ll tell you.

It’s because once I had a guy friend who was flirty and lived for this kind of stuff and we would break nights sending each other corny pick-up lines to see who could out do each other.

Obviously along the line, chemistry formed and then obviously, being that it was my love life, it all crashed and burned.

But that was a long time ago and it’s a long story I’d rather not go back to.


The pick-up lines have stuck on me and I always crack a few to get my friends chuckling every now and then.

Well today is the day I am going to share some of my favorite corny, or dirty, pick-up lines. Enjoy.

1) I lost my teddy bear- would you sleep with me instead? (Personally, I really like this one because the idea of a teddy bear is just so frickin cute.)

2) I lost my phone number, can I have your’s instead?

3) If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put “u” and “i” together. (You would think it couldn’t get cornier than that.)

4) Did you fart? Cuz you blew me away! (That had the guys doubled over laughing.)

5) My love for you is like diarrhea- I can’t hold it in. (Cuz it’s so romantic to describe love as a pooping malfunction.)

6) Do you know karate? Cuz your body is kickin!

7) If you were a car door, I would slam you all night long.

8) Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes. (This is another one I find cute and cheesy.)

9) Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by you again? (Another of my favorites; witty and clever.)

10) If I said “you have a nice body”, would you hold it against me? (Haha, a classic Brittany Spears pick-up line.)

Well there you go, the next time you spot somebody you have your eye on, go over and talk to them. But as promising as these lines seem,

don’t use them.

You ever seen those movies where the lead characters claim to hate each other when in reality they are in love with each other?

They spend the whole movie arguing and bickering with each other and then that miracle hits when they realize they could not live with each other.

Everyone tells them they are in love with each other but both of them deny that they would never be seen with such a person.

But everyone knows they’re just kidding around because well, that’s just them.

And even when they do finally get together, there are little fights and bickering and just teasing here and there to keep things light and funny.

But at the end of the day, with every “I Hate You” they throw at each other, they really mean “I Love You”.

Yeah. I like those kind of relationships.

In fact, I would want those kinds of relationships. Not even just as like a boyfriend, or a husband or whatever. But even with like friendships and stuff.

The ability to tease and push each other around without ever taking anything too serious just seems like so much fun.

Even with my guy friends, I will always be sure to diss them, tease them, make fun of them for something to keep it fun.

But I like to make sure that they know I’m only joking. That that’s just me. That’s just us.

I wanna be that girl that can pull of teasing you and making you laugh and making fun of you while being one of the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.

And you know, that “I Hate You (I Love You)” relationship with a boyfriend does sound nice.

I would hate to be those mushy, sappy girlfriends that sit there going like “aww my boyfriend’s soo sweet, I love my boo-boo bear so much.”

I would be that girlfriend that sits there and goes, “Honestly? My guy just might be missing half his brain. But it’s all cool cause I love him just the way he is.”

Doesn’t that sound much more interesting?

I made fun of him, but everyone knows I don’t mean it, because I backed it up with a sweet statement.

I like that.

And I like those types of movies too.