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And neither will dating four girls at a time for that matter.

So I know a few homosexual guys in my school. And they know they’re homosexual. I know they’re homosexual. I think EVERYBODY know’s they’re homosexual.

But for some reason, they like to live in this bubble where they want to pretend they’re not and hope everyone else will just go along with it.

One of these guys  is my friend. And he told me last year that he was gay.

And I thought, ‘Okay, well, not surprising, I’ve been suspecting that for a while now’.

What I think I actually told him was, “That’s fine, accept yourself, and everyone will accept you.”

Which I thought was a pretty nice thing to say.

Anyways, these days, he’s completely ignoring his orientation. He plunged himself into religious activities and is telling himself and others that homosexuality is wrong, disgusting, etc.

And now, he’s even making crude comments about girls!

My friend, who was once so respectful, and so polite, is now making remarks about a girl’s sexy ass and fine body even though when he says he it, he might as well be talking about the weather, that’s how UN-excited he sounds when he says it.

And you know, being his friend and all, I tried to talk some sense into him, saying that maybe he should get over himself and admit what he is and just take himself for who he is and all.

And he accused me of being so focused that he’s one thing and he doesn’t have to be something that he doesn’t want to be.

-Insert me throwing my hands up in the air-

Fine. Frankly, it doesn’t make a difference to me whether he prefers a penis or a vagina. But he can keep his awkward and pathetic crude comments to himself.

Oh, and another one.

This guy, I don’t know him too well, he’s like a friend of a friend.

Acts gay, talks to guys a lot, GIGGLES, and might as well just write on his forehead that he’s gay.

(and he’s actually kind of cute..)

And he has like 4 different girlfriends in 4 different schools.

Well, according to the rumors (which I know I shouldn’t believe but imagine it was true anyways?)

Now why would a gay guy date four girls at once?

To convince himself he’s not gay.