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He’s sweet.

He’s sincere.

He hates liars.

He hates people who are fake, to the point where he prefers girl’s completely natural, no makeup, no touch-ups, all flaws included.

And he’s a poet.

Did I mention he’s into me? That’s the best part.

Wait no- the best part is probably the fact that he’s 19, but never been in a relationship, never got a first kiss, nothing. I’m not sure why but that is just a major turn-on. It’s because I know he hasn’t been around, he’s not jaded about romance, and everything he does or says just come out so.. sweet.

Oh and I think we’re kind of together. I don’t really know actually, and I’m not about to question things, I’m just going to let it flow.

He admitted he liked me, I admitted I liked him and he also admitted that he would kiss me except he’s nervous and he’s probably bad at it.

Eep. By the way, there’s no way he’s bad at it, it’s like impossible. Besides, I’ve only kissed one guy in my lifetime so I’m probably bad at it too.

But he’s so sweet.

And so thoughtful.

Just, such a nice person in general.

And sentimental too.

I think I found a gem.

I’m going to go now before I turn into jell-o.



Don’t you just love knowing people like to be around you?

Having someone who you know you can make laugh when you want feels so amazing.

I have this friend, and honestly, I think I have written quite a few posts about this guy.

But I still won’t tell who.

And he’s a friend. And awesome friend. And he thinks of me as an awesome friend.

And I know this because he tells me that he likes talking to me because I give him realistic advice and I get people in a good mood.

Now isn’t that a nice thing to hear?

And when we’re out with friends and I comment something, joke around, or casually diss someone, he backs me up saying that if I said it, it must be right because I am apparently the “smartest person he knows.”

Well, that could also mean that he hangs out with a lot of idiots..

But overall, I took it as a compliment.

And I just love talking to him because I can tease him and make fun of him and he takes it so well. And he’s so fun to be with and light to talk to.

And if I had to write a paper on him, I could write the best essay out there and go on and on about him.

Because the thing about him is that he’s so unique and there’s really no one else in the world like him.

And I was actually chatting with him a few minutes ago.

Had no idea how to start the conversation. So I sent him a picture of a cat sleeping and said, “You, when it’s time for school.” (He is often an hour late to school because of over sleeping).

And just like that, the conversation has started.

He sends me back a picture of a pissed of cat and says, “Hahaha, You when I know something is wrong with you.”

This is an insider between us. All through out last year, I had random days where I had terrible days and the slightest of things would mess up my mood for the day.

I was pretty good at hiding it from other people (or maybe it’s that nobody really cared to ask what’s wrong) but as soon as I saw HIM he would be like “What’s wrong?”

And it got frustrating after a while, because he could tell so easily and I just couldn’t hide a single thing from him because he noticed every goddamn thing.

And he was proud of the fact too.

So that’s how our conversation started today after a while of not talking to each other due to our busy lives.

And our conversation just flows.

I tell him, “Ugh, 5 seconds into the conversation and you’ve already managed to annoy me,” he tells me, “Hahaha, It’s a gift, and what’s up?”

And so it goes.

You know what rocks about the month of June inching closer?


School is about to be out

There’s something I’m missing.. oh yeah, my birthday!

My birthday is coming up this June and I am finally turning 16 😮

How amazing is that? Sixteen, the number that I’ve dreamed about since..well, forever. And now it is so close.. so.. reality. And you know what’s funny? It is not even oh so glamorous as you grow up thinking it is.

I mean, I guess it depends on you and your family and how much you really wanna spend for one day in your lifetime. Then again, you do only turn 16 once in a lifetime.

Well I’ve decided I am having a party, not a big one though. Just a small house party with all my closest friends and family.

And I went shopping today in the city and bought a crown that says 16 on it and some other stuff like decorations and stuff to give out in the party.

You know, maybe it won’t be so sweet and big like those MTV parties. It won’t be the everyday overused SWEET 16. No, I think I’ll make it a one of a kind SALTY 16. Just to mess with people’s mind >:D I am just like that, I have to be the wacky original different one.

So maybe instead of the traditional sweet cupcakes and sugar filled cookies, I’ll just hand out salty popcorn and pretzels. Yeah, make it a “My Super Salty 16”.

I think that sounds cool. It’ll surely be a party that you won’t forget, so I’m hyped.

Well that’s the most on my mind. I’ve been out of rants lately, care to help?

If you guys have any suggestions, any little advice, or things you wanna hear my opinion on, or heck, even if you want advice, just type in a little comment below!

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