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Is it to slowly put distance between you guys before he has a chance to ask you out?

What about the bro-zone technique, they “Hey bro, you’re such a great FRIEND” ?

Or just flat out telling him that you’re not interested in anything more if that’s what he’s thinking?

Or does that make you seem too arrogant?

Yet, I’m thinking that last option is the least sneaky way to go. It’s the most honest, clear-cut and straight up. But.. I don’t want things to be awkward. I wanna stay friends with him.

I know, I know, how many times have you heard that one? But this guy is someone from work and I don’t talk to a lot of people from work. But him, I talk to because he’s fun and easy to talk to.

So I don’t wanna do this in a way that’s just going to push him away completely.

But I also know that I don’t want whatever he’s thinking in his head. And I definitely do not want to lead him on although naturally, until I make it clear to him that I don’t want this, that is kind of what I’m doing..

Ugh, the struggle.


It’s been a really long time since I’ve attempted on a diet but I did join fitness a few weeks ago in school. So now two days a week I exhaust myself while trying to shed a few pounds.

Let me tell you something about fitness: more than half the people that are a part of the program- they actually are already fit.

So I’m just there panting and wheezing while everyone else is exercising around me- because, well, they just like exercising. Apparently.

And most of the girls that are fitness- the ones that have a tiny flab of fat on their stomach and are trying to get abs- they work out cute little sweats or shorts with a nice fitted tank top. Even if they do wear a t-shirt, most of them look cute.

And then there’s me- in huge, baggy sweatpants, and an over-sized t-shirt.

The fitness room has walls lined with mirrors. So like the self-conscious person I am, I look across at my reflection, cringe, and tug at my shirt, trying to make it look semi presentable while possibly making it look worse.

I should’ve probably reminded you that there are guys at fitness. Of course, they are even semi-cute.

Well one of them happened to notice me scowling at my reflection and just looks at me with this reassuring smile.

I think he also gave me a thumbs up but I can’t be sure because at that point my face was beet red and I can assure it was NOT from the life threatening jogging that we did.

And the moral of the story is: Never get caught looking in the mirror during fitness. You probably don’t look any better than you think you do and it looks kinda pathetic when you get caught.

You just can’t.

You can try to guide them in the right direction. You can teach them right from wrong. But you can’t stop them from making mistakes and learning from them. 

I see parenting all over the place where the parents are so obsessed with who their child talks to that they literally try to control their life. You can’t do that. Just like, some point after kindergarten, you can’t really tell your children who they can and can’t hang out with.

I’m so sick of parents trying to adjust a kids life and try to keep them away from people who will give them ‘bad ideas’. In fact, I think kids, especially teenagers should be exposed to these ‘bad influences’. You know why? So they can learn to say NO.

Everyone should be offered an illegal drink or a cigarette as soon as they step into high school just so they can practice saying “No, that’s really not good for me” instead of having to depend on their parents to keep them away from those people in the first place.

Because parent’s can’t shield you from the bad world forever.

You need to see the reality. You need to be exposed to stuff that could lead you down the wrong path just so you could learn to make that turn and do the right thing.

Cuz at the end of the day, your parents don’t have that power- YOU DO.

1: Pick out an outfit that exaggerates your assets. For example, a shirt that makes your boobs pop up like balloons and maybe some shorts that could be mistaken for panties.

2: Make sure you are in your bathroom with the toilet as your background.

3. Hold your camera phone away from you, but at a higher position, never directly straight in front of you. This is to make you appear “smaller” even though you have worn clothes that make you appear bigger.

4. Bend your knees a little and squeeze your shoulders closer to you so that a nice line appears on your cleavage.

5: Pucker your lips into a duck face and click the capture.

6. (Optional) Post the picture online with a nice filter with either of the following captions:

– I look ehh but whatever

– All natural

– Blurry, and I look fat, but whatevs

Congratulations! You have now learned one of the most important skills of being the typical air-headed teenage girl.

Every time I like a guy, I am faced with a head vs. heart situation.

And you know, every time I start a school year, I promise myself that I won’t fall for another guy and it ends up happening? Damn.

So my current situation is that I can’t help but like this guy and it’s getting worse by the minute. All of a sudden, I’m formulating plans in my head so I can “accidentally” bump into him or at the very least, walk out of school with him and take the subway home together. And then when we’re in a group, I am calculating the possibility of the off chance that everybody else will have to go else where and me and him will be alone.

Which is dumb, because I don’t even wanna date the guy.

Why would I not want to date the guy I like you ask?

Well I could give you the perfectly reasonable long answer: I simply don’t have time for one, I should focus on school, my parents don’t allow me to date anyways so I would have to sneak around (never mind that I constantly do that anyways) etc.

And then there’s the cold, harsh, short, simple truth: I’m afraid of getting hurt. Not only that, I am afraid of messing things up. There’s just so many factors that come into play with a high school relationship. Everybody else, parents, school etc. And plus, they hardly ever last. Is it really worth giving up a valued friendship for a few months of cuddling and kisses?

My head is complicated, I know.

But besides that, why am I even thinking about this?

There is nothing to say that this guy might like me.

Even if feelings were to end up as mutual, I would chicken myself out and mess everything up anyways.

Why is this such a dilemma?

How do I deal with this?

How I focus my head to rule out everything that my heart says because when it comes down to it, my head has a brain, my heart doesn’t.

You ever have that friend who is all cool and funny and random when it’s just girls, and then when you add a few guy friends to the group, suddenly they get all fragile and flirty and downright annoying?


A lot of my girl friends are like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them and all. They’re my girls. When I’m upset, they talk to me, they listen to my bullshit, they got my back.

And when it’s just girls, they’re fun, they’re good friends.

But I just don’t understand why when our guy friends are around, they feel the need to act flirty.

It just irritates me.

And the funny thing is, I don’t even think they realize they are doing it.

It’s like a switch just goes off and they start giggling and acting cute and all.

And that’s when I don’t want to hang out with all of them.

I hang out with guy friends too.

I treat them like my buddies. I make fun of them, make jokes with them and I talk to them like I’m talking to my girlfriends.

And they wonder why I don’t like hanging out in big groups.

So we finally got through our second week of school after the summer vacation. I think that deserves some applause, don’t you?

So go ahead, give yourself a clap. Or not. Well I did anyways.

This morning I definitely jumped out of bed thinking “Thank God It’s Friday!”

But unfortunately it wasn’t the best Friday I ever had.

Today I want to talk about respect. Because, unbelievably, while teenagers are studying new high level SAT vocabulary words, they still don’t know what the meaning of respect is. There are 11th graders in my school that still act like the snobbish, childish, immature little “bad ass” they were back in the 9th grade.

Today we had an assembly.

(Yes, I know, “Oh my gosh, those are so boring!” But hey I know a lot, if not every one of us also thinks, “Oh yeah, an excuse to get out of class!”

Well, regardless of whatever your thinking, when you go to an assembly, those speakers up there? They are human.

Not robots. Not animals. Not deaf or blind. Not people that just want to bore you or waste your time. Human beings with feelings and heart that have something to say to you.

The least you can do, is listen.

Where I was sitting, the kids behind me were not listening whatsoever.

Which, I really wouldn’t give a damn about. Except while they were NOT listening, they were snickering and making rude comments about what the speakers were saying and they were just being plain disrespectful.

Maybe I’m starting to sound like your ancient old grandma here, with the whole “Be respectful” thing, but really, kids can be SO cruel.

There were students up there, standing as leaders, trying to talk to us about helping us out in the college process etc.

And the audience around me was making comments about how they just didn’t like the speakers.

Well fine.

No one asked you to become BFFs with the speaker.

But listen. Or don’t be rude. I didn’t know that was such a hard thing to do.

And the whole thing with teachers.

The “class clown” that thinks he or she is funny by talking back to the teacher, insulting them, and acting like they couldn’t care less.

I honestly feel so bad for those teachers.

I would hate to work in a high school because honestly, a lot of teenagers don’t think. They do things to be “cool” or “popular” and they don’t for once take a step back and think how their words or actions might affect others.

And that upsets me, because we are looked at as a generation as a whole.

And these people are ruining our society.

These are life skills that we must achieve or else we will get humiliated in the real world.

Liking everyone may not be required but respect is essential and pretty simple to do.