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Hi guys! Did you think I dropped of the face of the Earth? Well I did, but I decided to come back u to bother you some more.

Actually, I’ve been on vacation, out of state. I left New York for the past week of so to head off to Maryland for the annual out of state week family vacation.

I can’t lie to you, there was internet connection at the hotel we stayed in but due to the short amount of time we had to spend there, we went out right after breakfast for sightseeing and didn’t come back until late at nigh when I was too exhausted to do anything other than plan the next day and curl up on the fancy soft hotel pillows and drift off to sleep.

Well that was nice for a couple of days but now I’m back in New York and it looks like time is about to shoot ahead, full speed.

The family vacation is over and done with, all m summer plans are over and I think this break is just wrapping itself up. Now I just have to sit back and brace myself for the starting of school in September. Yay.

Oh, but do you guys want to know how my family vacation went? If not, of course, you can just leave right here.


Cool, you decided to stick around. Well my dad likes to have these vacations every summer for one week. We’ve been to a lot of different states around New York; we always drive.

Last year we went to Pennsylvania and had a blast at Hershey Park, an amusement park full of thrilling rides and scream-worthy roller coasters.

In Maryland, however, we didn’t have as much fun. Baltimore, Maryland was more about checking out the museums, historic ships, and the inner harbor. Mostly ancient stuff.

Then there was that day we went over to parent’s friend’s house. Apparently my mom has a professor that lives in Baltimore. So that was kind of interesting.

But mostly, it was kind of whack.

For some reason I kept getting moody or cranky. I guess because my dad kept getting cranky when he couldn’t find a parking spot or something like that and got cranky with us to get out his frustration.

I find that really annoying.

And also how my little brother gets too excited and does something stupid like knock something over which goes to make my dad cranky even further.

And when sister and brother begin fight because my brother makes her cranky. And then my mom gets cranky because none of us can get along long enough to have a “family moment”.

And then my mom whips out a camera every few seconds to “capture the moment” while everyone is cranky and not in the mood for it and that makes us all extra cranky which makes my mom cranky again and the next thing you now, the five of us are patrolling the streets with scowls on our faces.



Well that’s all for now, I think I’m done ranting about my family’s (and my) talent for scowling.

Until next time,

Have a nice day.


Well there you go.

Last day of school.

Over and done with.

With two months of summer vacation awaiting us.

You know, I remember when I had last days of schools in elementary and middle schools.

Even if we knew we were all going to see each other in September, we would still share our “Have a great summer” and “I’m going to miss you so much” lines.

It was like tradition, custom, just something you did at the last day of school to finish off the year.

But the funny thing is, in high school we don’t do that.

Today, after our last day of school (half-day) me and my friends went to the mall to hang out and spend some quality time together before break.

However, when we went there everybody sort of split up.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but we somehow split up into groups of two’s and three’s.

Given, we did end up meeting up together and leaving together.

But on the way home, everyone just kind of left and got off at their own stop.

Saying the usual bye’s, like it was another school day and we would see each other again the next day.

But we wouldn’t, we won’t see each other until two months later, a whole tanning, hot, sizzling, summer vacation later.

Doesn’t that deserve a little “Have a nice summer!” if not “I’ll miss you”.

Well whatever, I said “Have a nice summer to my friends.”

As for the miss you part, well they are obviously not into that so I guess I’ll let it go.

Besides, who knows if I’ll really miss them anyway, that’s a whole lot of ‘people problems’ that I don’t have to deal with for two months.

One would think, “It’s summer vacation! Time to spend quality times with family!” Except if that one is me, they would think, “Oh no.”

Family isn’t that bad- really, they are your flesh and blood. But spending all day every day with them can be tiring.

Summer’s barely started, I’ve only been home for about a week and I’m already thinking I’m doomed. Here’s why:

1. My dad thinks it’s cool to invite a bunch of relatives and go hang out in public places where I can possibly bump into people I actually know from school.

Seriously, I should just keep a tin can with me to put over my head.

2. My relatives will judge everything and anything about you, down to how you wear your hair and how long you can fake a smile and make ‘small talk’.

There is a time limit to how long you can keep up a smile as phony as their ‘womanly curves’.

3. My mother cares too much about what everybody else thinks of us.

She would literally take the time to dress me to make sure I am wearing something my relatives would like.

4. My little brother likes to let out a high pitched scream whenever things don’t go his way.

At eight years old, you would think he grew to be a little more mature than that- ha! Yeah right.

5. My parents usually end up arguing with each other and not making much sense whatsoever and adding to that my brother’s mood swings, well, thing’s aren’t very pretty.

And that’s why spending time with my family doesn’t spell out “Summer Vacation” for me.