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So recently, this girl has commented on one of my posts.

And I found out that we actually have A LOT in common.

And she really opened up to me and she was so incredibly sweet.

And what’s even better is that she’s my age, so it’s ย nice to relate to someone compared to the mothers, single woman, and grandpa’s that I end up finding on here.

Well anyways, I found her comment really nice, her comments are actually one of the best comments I have ever received on my blog.

Now keep in mind, I am not so popular so I don’t spend my days replying to comments, because, well, there isn’t comments to reply to.

But that fact pushed aside, her comments just made me so happy, so appreciated, and I felt like someone actually likes my blog and it’s NOT just so I could return the favor and like some stuff or follow their blog.

So I went over to her blog, and I read some of her stuff, and you know, she actually does have a kick-ass personality.

(Keep in mind that I did tell you we have a lot in common ๐Ÿ˜‰

But I enjoyed reading her posts and it was nice to know that there is a blogger out there that doesn’t immediately know how to attract traffic and doesn’t immediately know what their blog will be about and have every single post polished, perfect, and on topic.

Her blog was definitely unique with her personal touch and creativity.

And you know, she’s not even a WordPress blogger, which I don’t know why, just makes everything that much cooler, because it makes me wonder how she came across my blog.

Well due to her using another website for her blog, and due to my incredible lack of experience in blogging, I can’t seem to figure out how the hell to follow her in order to keep updated with her work, and for whatever reason every time I try to comment on her stuff, and error comes up.

Anyways, I was really touched by her words and wanted to dedicate this post to her, so without further ado,

please go check out her blog:

I promise you, you won’t regret getting a peak into her thoughts because if you would’ve, I wouldn’t have written a whole post about her ๐Ÿ˜‰


You know, sometime I sit there and wonder why I don’t get more hits and likes on my posts. I frown and read over my published posts and reread those rare comments that I get. Then I go over to my reader to explore some posts from other bloggers.

And some writers, and photographers, on wordpress are really quite amazing. They grab the reader, me, and let them into their world, captivating them with their words. And I think that I get it now, that I will come over to my blog and write up something like that.

Some huge well thought out article with lots of interesting stuff in it that makes my readers nod and think, “This is worth liking or commenting on.”

And some blogs I am strongly attracted to it solely based on the way the blog looks. The theme, the number of widgets, the pictures, the visuals, the layout.

And I think, “Yes, I will go over to my blog, do some research on the ins and outs of customizing, and I will make my blog look amazing.”

Except when I finally I get to my blog with all these great desires to improve my blog, I kinda just sit there and go, “Ugh, maybe I’ll just leave it, only write in it when I want and not bother with who reads it or comments.”

Can I get any lazier?

I want to make my blog look cool. I want to write amazing things.

Except I need to learn and tech myself.

And that’s work. Like, almost like school.


Can you spell lazy?

So I was looking around some of the wordpress blogs and you know what I realized?

I realized there are a LOT of rant blogs.

Just stupid, bitchy, pointless rant blogs. Blogs with user’s that claim they hate life and absolutely everything about it.

And you know what? That’s my blog. My blog is supposed to of that, on going complaints and not being satisfied with anything.

The whole reason I created this thing was so I can pointlessly blab without worrying people will get annoyed.

Except sub-consciously, I am still worried. I have such a habit of keeping all of my thoughts locked up.

Never mind that this is my personal blog, that if people don’t want to read they can get off my page happily. Never mind all of that, I am just constantly worrying about not being good enough.

Which is just so ridiculously stupid.

Because this is my blog. I rant. I complain. My complaints are dumb and unreasonable? Guess what, I DON’T CARE.

Because it gets me down at the end. Not to let loose. Keeping everything locked up inside. Sometimes you just have to scream.

Sometimes you just have to type until your keyboards threaten to explode on you.

Just write pointlessly, bitchy, anger filled, or sad filled, whichever emotion that’s controlling you at the moment, and get it all out.

I don’t do that with people, I can’t really trust people like that. Plus people get tired of your stories and rants, they don’t care, and they don’t listen.

So online is where you unleash.

So yeah, I like rant blogs. Just stupid rants. About practically nothing.

They’re fun.

And refreshing.