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.. They require lots of pushing and shoving and hard work to kick out. And they are knocking on your door in the blink of an eye while you are enjoying a blissful moment with some fried chicken wings.

Aren’t they so annoying?

Pounds I mean, not lingering house guests. Although, those are very annoying too.

My fellow fitness followers, do you all remember back when a few months ago, I started writing up all this “Wednesday Workout” and exercising posts?

I’m sure I whined a lot in those posts, but you know what? During that time, I got the exercises done.

I moved my body.

I bullied myself just enough so I could become obsessed with the “Loosing Weight” articles online and the workouts by Jillian Michael.

And I did loose pounds. I don’t recall actually sharing it on here, but I did.

I think the reason I didn’t share here was because I only managed to loose about 5 pounds. And I was certain I could loose more and figured I would write a post about it once I got to my goal weight.

But then..

I saw some food I had been depriving myself for a while and thought, why not? I thought, I lost some, I think I can reward myself.

The problem with these types of rewards though, is that you don’t know when to exactly stop rewarding yourself.

At first, I was paranoid that once I ate something I really liked, I would gain back pounds right away,

To be honest, that didn’t happen. I ate, and I certainly didn’t loose pounds, but I didn’t gain either.

So I thought, well okay, maybe I should extend my little vacation from dieting.

I thought as long as I didn’t gain it back, it’s all good.

Except now I can’t even remember when I stopped all my strategies and plans all together- including weighing myself on a daily basis.

And now, wouldn’t you know it, those lingering house guests have barged right in one more time!

I gained everything back! And counting! This calls for drastic changes to go back to my ways with even fiercer methods and STICK to it!



 Hey hey hey!

Haven’t updated this blog in a few days but only because I was studying for an AP exam in school.

But today, I am back, and have stuff to talk about.

So I don’t know if you guys remember or read the post (you can always look back by the way), but last wednesday I wrote a post with the title of “Freaky Fitness” and explained how I had joined a fitness program once a week (I know, only once a week? Not very efficeint but hey- better than nothing).

So yeah, last wednesday was kind of harsh so on the first freaky fitness post, I complained plenty. Today was what you would call the second round.

Today we had a different instructor, a nicer one actually.

He helped me out, was sympathetic, and his workouts weren’t overwhelming.

He put me on the bikes for 15 minutes, then brisk walking on the trendmill for 10 minutes, jogging on the trendmill for a couple more minutes, some push-ups, plank holds, and crunches.

I had 10 second break between each and that helped out plenty.

The hardest part was just going up three flights of stairs, and coming down, and then repeating that 9 times. Then comes our lovely 10 second break, and we do it again. After 3 sets, he let us go, said to get changed, drink water, and head home.

So overall, it was pretty good. I’m liking this program.

I can’t say I actually expect to make a major improvement with this program, but I’m sure I’ll get something, maybe loose a pound or two on the way, yeah? ;D