Life Is Muy Bien

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Education, School
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Guess who got an 84 on her Spanish regents?? This chica!

Haha, the graders must have been drunk when they graded it because I know my spanish is muy malo (very bad).

But who cares, that was the final thing I needed to graduate with an advanced regents diploma , so horrah.

The only bump in my road? Even though all my grades are amazing this year, my transcript is like ehh. Like simply mehh.


Because I thought fun was more important than academics during my freshmen year. And everyone always told me, “Have fun your freshmen year, it’s junior year that counts the most.”

Well I call bullshit on that.

Though yes, you should have fun your freshmen year, enjoy the start of high school and all that, don’t forget about your grades! Because you do need a good start.

And junior is most important, my butt! Junior year is important because that’s when you take your SAT’s.

But other than that, Junior year pretty much counts exactly the same as your Freshmen and Sophomore year because THEY ARE ALL AVERAGED UP.

So even though my junior year average rocks, my cumulative average is only mehh cuz my freshmen year average is blech and sophomore year’s is ehh.

Astonishing vocabulary, right? 😀

That 84 in spanish though, muy bien! (Very good)


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