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Don’t ask why, but I personally know A LOT of corny pick-up lines.

You had to ask why.

Fine, I’ll tell you.

It’s because once I had a guy friend who was flirty and lived for this kind of stuff and we would break nights sending each other corny pick-up lines to see who could out do each other.

Obviously along the line, chemistry formed and then obviously, being that it was my love life, it all crashed and burned.

But that was a long time ago and it’s a long story I’d rather not go back to.


The pick-up lines have stuck on me and I always crack a few to get my friends chuckling every now and then.

Well today is the day I am going to share some of my favorite corny, or dirty, pick-up lines. Enjoy.

1) I lost my teddy bear- would you sleep with me instead? (Personally, I really like this one because the idea of a teddy bear is just so frickin cute.)

2) I lost my phone number, can I have your’s instead?

3) If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put “u” and “i” together. (You would think it couldn’t get cornier than that.)

4) Did you fart? Cuz you blew me away! (That had the guys doubled over laughing.)

5) My love for you is like diarrhea- I can’t hold it in. (Cuz it’s so romantic to describe love as a pooping malfunction.)

6) Do you know karate? Cuz your body is kickin!

7) If you were a car door, I would slam you all night long.

8) Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes. (This is another one I find cute and cheesy.)

9) Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by you again? (Another of my favorites; witty and clever.)

10) If I said “you have a nice body”, would you hold it against me? (Haha, a classic Brittany Spears pick-up line.)

Well there you go, the next time you spot somebody you have your eye on, go over and talk to them. But as promising as these lines seem,

don’t use them.


Do you guys remember my last post? I said I was lost in the romance of books.

You probably don’t remember, but that’s okay, it’s not too important.

The point- it’s the reason I haven’t been on here lately.

Which is really kind of a very pathetic excuse.

You would think that it’s now, when school is closed and I’m just lounging around with a kick-back schedule would be when I would have plenty of time to update my blog.

But no- my mind is really weird. When I’m busy is when I actually seem to be able to get things done.

In the midst of the school year, waking up early to go to school, coming back late from after-school programs, running home to shower and complete my home work, and studying and keeping my grades up, it all sets me into motion. Because I’m already on the run, I decide to make time and update my blog or finish that short story I had begun or look up for scholarships.

Because I know time is scarce, I make the time to do everything.

Now that time is waiting around in my hands I find I’d rather just enjoy it than use it as an advantage to get ahead before everything speeds up again.

Ridiculous- I know.

But these days all I seem to be doing is rolling out of bed at noon, heating up some cup noodles, and curling up with one of my romance novels either online or the book itself.

And it’s nice. It’s really nice.

I’ve even let go of my diet. I just eat whenever I like- which is beginning to be frequently now.

I just  decided that I’ll diet and continue working out when school opens again- when I’ll be busy in the midst of everything to think about food anyways.

So you can say that I am literally taking a break from everything.

Except for family. In fact, I think I’m getting way too much family time these days.

My mother’s annoying me these days much more often. Then again, she hangs out with me a lot now- again- way too often.

The more we hang out the weirder she gets, the more I shudder from the thought I may actually be turning into her, and the more we get into little fights that irritate me.

And I’ve got a family vacation coming up too, in two weeks actually. A whole week touring Maryland. With a four hour car rides to get there and back. With my siblings. And my mother. And my father. And just generally all of them combined. And me having to be with them the whole. entire. time.

Gee, well that should be loads of fun.

So yeah the relaxing part of my summer is actually slowly coming to an end since I’m guessing after the Maryland trip, things will be all hype from back to school stuff.


During summer break, some people like to travel. Maybe to another country, an exotic new place, or an island, or even visit their relatives a few states away.

Some teenage girls might be using this as a quality time to hang out with friends or get up close and personal with that boyfriend that’s been busy during the school year, maybe even hitch up a new guy just for a ‘summer fling’.

Me? I have my frizzy head buried in book after book, letting the words of a parallel lives with happy endings whisk me away until way after midnight.

And I don’t read just any books. I read romance.

I have been obsessed with romance books since, I don’t even know when.

I think it started with short love stories online.

But there’s just something so captivating about being able to pretend you’re the main girl in the story, barely being able to resist the flirtatious hot guy that’s been sending you cheesy winks and corny lines.

The frustration you feel when a character messes up in telling their partner how they really feel or when they don’t try hard enough for love because they think other things are important.

In real life, when it comes to situations like “what I choose, my head or my heart”, I’m the girl that will tell you heads.

Because a) this is high school, these guys will move on most likely, and b) your heart doesn’t have a brain duhhh

So my friends see me as a negative when it comes to that (I call it being realistic)

But when I’m lost in my love stories, nothing else matters. The characters are destined to be and whatever stands in their way, they can work around because no matter what, in the very end, love conquers all.

Key word: love. My books have love. The guys in this lifetime don’t.

And so I let myself enjoy the romance from these books, aware how pathetic it is that I use it to replace my own non-existent love life.

But you know what, I don’t care.

Because reading about love so caring and tender makes me believe that I can wait, I can wait till I’m older to find a guy that has the same wits as me, loves me, and, well, can keep up with my comebacks 😉

So I don’t need to waste time on these guys just because I want a cuddle buddy.

I have my novels to cuddle with 😀

Not Meant To Be

Didn’t see it coming

Nor did I even suspect it

We were puzzle pieces

Designed to fit

I had it all planned out

I put the words into his mouth

But he had other plans

That he forgot to inform me about

Jumping off with eyes wide open

I didn’t think my parachute would fail me

But he spoke the wrong words

And stepped back to let me see

See that all this time, I was fooled

See that he is not who I thought he was

See that I could not depend on fate to work it all out

See that all we might have ever had was lost

We were more

I knew it and so did he

But he backtracked at the last minute

Walked away and left me

My friends tell me that it wasn’t meant to be

I told myself it wasn’t meant to be

But it was once meant to be

Until he chose her over me

This dilemma started a few years ago, when the book, then movie, Twilight first came out, yet it is still continued to this day.

After pre-teens and and teens all over the country became hooked on Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, suddenly other authors and movie producers all over realized that all it took was to insert a sparkling pale boy that liked go hunting for blood as a hobby.

And it was true, too.

Countless series of books and movies came out with the plot focused on the male lead trying to convince himself that his love for his human girlfriend runs too deep for him to give in to the desire to feast on her for a midnight snack, while the female lead spends the majority of the story convincing herself that her love for her creature-like boyfriend runs too deep for her to walk away from a relationship where she is categorized as food.

Is that a look of desire or hunger?

Now, you might be asking, “Fellow blogger, that’s a very interesting theory, but how do you know of this? It seems as though you are not one to read or watch these types of things.”

To which I will answer, “Believe me, fellow readers, I just know. My vampire obsessed mates have informed me plenty while I assured them that my future ideal guy will view me as his “honey” or “baby doll” or whatever else corny pet name he can come up with. Not food.

That said, why is everybody so obsessed with vampires? Not to mention, werewolves.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would jump Taylor Lautner as quick as the next girl (Have you seen him? Though he is getting a tad bit too old for me)

But seriously, a boyfriend who growls and has a short temper? It’s cute and all when guys get jealous, but not so cute when they would attack and try to take a bite out of a guy for flirting with you!

I got that bit from Wizards Of Waverly Place a while ago back when Alex was going out with a werewolf and Justin was going out with a -you guessed it- a vampire.

Vampires and werewolves were cute when they first came out,

but honestly? Blood-suckers and growlers are so overrated.

“Go fix your brother some breakfast.”

“Straighten your room.”

“Sweep the kitchen.”

“Study for your SAT’s.”

“Get off the computer.”

And the list goes on and on and on.

If there was an award for most talented nagger, my mother would walk with first prize. Or maybe second, since I have actually met people’s mother’s who are worse.

But still. That doesn’t make her nagging any easier on me.

Don’t get me wrong- I love my mother, who doesn’t? She is funny, witty, a good cook and doesn’t like gossip.

But must she nag her teenage daughter when it is summer vacation and we are trying to get some peace before teachers get to rattle our brains with loads of work in September?

I should sleeping until noon, then rolling around the couch watching some pointless reality show, or on the computer doing whatever I feel like at the moment.

And it would be nice to do all that without your parents bugging you.

I mean, we have teachers for that from the months of September to June.

Can’t July and August be left alone?

I guess not.

I guess it’s just a motherly thing.

Who knows, maybe it just comes in instinct.

Maybe mother’s think that this is really necessary.

I’m sure years later, I will look back and think how silly it was to find this annoying, how I should’ve helped out my mom as much as I can.

Ha! Yeah right, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

For now, I think I’ll enjoy being young.

Now here are some funny nagging photos:

Have a wonderful day and if you’re up for it, I dare you to show your mother this post and state that you agree with it. Just be sure to assure them right away that you still love them no matter what! 😉

I think one of the main reason’s why our society is so corrupt is because of the influence that the media has on us.

The media is filled with stereotypes and biased opinions that fill kids heads and mess with their actions.

Television, movies, magazines, even books, are filled with things are not necessarily true.

For example, why is that in movies and t.v. the popular/queen bee/ bully girl is mostly a blonde that doesn’t have the highest IQ?

Why is that the hot guy that everyone likes only has looks and is known to be as ‘dumb as a post’ yet every girl is googly-eyed over him anyways?

How come the cute nerd is only referred to as a nerd until you “look closer” and find the cuteness that was obviously invisible before?

Real life isn’t necessarily like that. And the media is causing some kids to think it is, or trying to make it like that.

Some of the most successful woman in history are blonde.

And who the hell told us to judge a person by the color of their hair anyways?

And why can’t guys have both looks and brains? Why do the smart guys have to be peered at closely to see their cuteness? Why do the hot guys have to really dumb?

That is not the way thing always are.

I happen to know guys who are obsessed with keeping their hair “chick friendly” and maintain good grades while they are at it.

And I know guys who are as dumb as a post and really aren’t that attractive either,come to think of it.

And I know blondes that would rather stay hunched over a textbook at the library then strut around with a few clones while they flip their hair and diss off anyone and everyone.

Life is not a reality tv show.

So why is it “reality tv show”?