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Hi everyone.

I wasn’t sure what to title this post because I’m not entirely sure what this post will be about. I think it will be centered around my evaluation of my life since I’ve last written here. My last blog post was written over a year ago.. I can’t even begin to apologize because really, what can I say? It’s my responsibility to keep up this blog but sometimes life happens and the more time there’s been since my last post, the less motivated I feel to get up and write. There’s just so much to say, so much ups and downs and things I’ve accomplished in the last year.

The last time I posted, I had turned 17. Some of my posts around that time had been about a guy from work that I liked, a 19 year old guy that I was trying very hard to not catch feelings for. But as the cliché saying goes, the heart wants what it wants and no matter how hard I tried to keep my distance, I could not ignore the spark between us. I am very blessed to say that we ended up together and we have completed a year and 5 months together. We shared our first kiss on July 18th, 2014 and a couple months later, he turned 20, and June of 2015, I turned 18 and a few months ago, he turned 21. So yeah, time has definitely flown by.

So about this guy.. where do I even start? He is definitely different and just so much more amazing than I thought he was when I first met him. He cares for me deeply and makes me truly feel beautiful. He means every word he says and he’s straight up and real and he’s relaxed and comforting and supportive. He listens and while I’m a complex algebra expression, he is my simplified answer. That is not to say he isn’t deep, he’s got a mind that’s intelligent and evaluates things and holds strong opinions that he’s not afraid to stand by. If I’m being shallow, he’s everything I wouldn’t imagine being with; he seems ghetto on the exterior, he’s a different nationality and culture from me, and he’s anti-religion and doesn’t even believe in marriage. But when I look at the person inside, he’s everything I couldn’t imagine being without. He may not believe in religion or marriage (because of the negotiating, and the paperwork defining love and all that) but he believes in us and that’s what’s so beautiful about him. He doesn’t believe in God but he’s supportive of my beliefs and I admire his courage to state he doesn’t believe in God and state his reasons why. I especially admire his ability to push past the facts that we are both from different cultures and types of families and although our parents disprove of us together, he is still able to imagine a future with me. He makes me believe in us and makes me stronger and he makes me more optimistic.

One day, my best friend asked me, “Why him? Why not any other guy? Any other guy could probably do the things he is doing to make you happy.” But I explained that it’s not just him, it’s the effect he has on me, the way he makes me feel, and the things he makes me want to do for him. I have posts here complaining about how society says that girl’s are supposed to learn how to cook for their husbands. But, my guy makes me want to learn how to cook for him. He makes me want to envision living with him, cooking for him, caring for him, and making him happy, thus making myself happy. He makes me want to do everything I can to prioritize him and be the best girl to him I can be. He makes me feel feelings that feel overwhelming, feelings that make me cry at night when I think about what could happen if I lose him. But so much of this experience has taught me that it’s no use worrying about the future, all I can do is work my hardest to create a good path from now and make the present the best time I can make it. I’m aware of the fact that the more I feel now, the more it will hurt if it’s over.. but I know that for the feelings I feel now, it’s all worth it. I want to let go and just love completely and without regret because even if it ends, I’ll have the memories to cherish and the only thing I’ll regret is not giving it my all when I could.

So that’s all for the update on my love life if anyone was interested. As for my friends, I’m at an interesting point in my life because after high school is when you realize who your true friends from high school really were. I just completed my first semester in college, and I am still close to my best guy friend who attends a different college from me and I see him at least once every week and talk all the time.



Is it just me or are teenage girl’s left and right getting knocked up?

Sorry for lack of better wording, but “pregnant” feels like a celebration. And putting “teenager’s” and “pregnant” together should in no way be a celebration.

Honestly, though, in the span of just today, I found out two cases.

And the thing is, they’re not even ashamed or being conservative about it. I’m not saying, it’s not great to reproduce and bring in a new life and all. But at this age? What about their future’s? What about everything they ever said they would do when they grow up?

True, it’s possible to do all those things still and it’s not the end of the world. But still.. throwing a baby into the mix complicates things.

And I know, I know, “it wasn’t like it was on purpose”, “mistake’s happen, you just gotta deal”, but there are so many ways to be more careful. Hell, most nurses give out condoms! Use them!

I don’t know, I guess my mentality is different because in my culture, you shouldn’t even be sleeping around until you’re married..

But really, teenager’s are getting pregnant and then declaring it on Facebook or gossiping about it in work like they’re talking about the weather.

Is it just normal now? Is that what our society has come to? To just have a kid when you’re barely an adult and hold onto to the off chance that everything will work out?

That’s crazy. Because in my world, if you find out you’re bringing in a new life before you’ve even let yourself get a chance at your own life, you have a lot of thinking to do.

And maybe do that before just tossing around the news to the whole world?

Really, I don’t mean to judge but.. this isn’t as casual as people are making it out to be..

Hahaha, I was so funny, what happened?
Need my creativity back ASAP

Complaints Of A Teenager

Someone challenged me to write a post wondering what a platypus smells like.

Well, from personal experience, I really don’t know. Because as much of no-lifer I am, I don’t have a hobby that consists of hunting in the wild for a platypus, just to grab it by the tail and get a good whiff.

But apparently some people do. Because when I searched it up on Google (the world’s greatest resources if you ever need to know anything), they actually had some sort of an idea. So here’s what I got:

Platypuses do not smell bad. They smell like an animal that lives in burows and hunts for food in water.

Huh. Well, I don’t actually know what that kind of animal smells like, but maybe that’s no big deal.

After all, what will I do with the knowledge of what a platypus smells like?

Chacha tells me: There are…

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Have you ever made an attempt to sit with your group of friends so you guys can talk for about five minutes before someone’s phone beeps and everyone else just takes out their phone and zones out in their own world?

If you have, congratulations, you have adapted to the ways of the 21st century.

Because honestly, it’s not like you sit with your friends to actually talk to them, I mean, that is so last century.

No, you sit with people because while you’re not going to exactly converse with them, you wouldn’t be caught dead sitting alone.

So you sit in a group but the purpose of sitting in a group is really just that- to sit in a group. You sit with someone simply to text someone else on your phone or even simply to scroll through your news feed or go through your pictures.

Can you imagine the future of this generation?

I mean, we wouldn’t even need to have friends anymore pretty soon. Everybody will be like, “Well, whats the point of going through the trouble of making friends when I can just play games on my smart phones or look through instagram photos?”

And forget relationships. I heard that if you have an Iphone, you can just talk to Siri. Honestly, I’ve seen guys talking to Siri as if it was an actual person.

Asking things like, “Siri, will you marry me?” and Siri actually answers, “We barely know each other.”

So now smart phones can substitute for a telephone, a map, a textbook, a computer, friends, or and a girlfriend too if you’re desperate enough.

Who need’s actual human beings anyway?

I like reading humor blogs. Mainly because I like being funny and I like reading things from other people who like being funny.

On my reader, one of my set tags is actually humor. I just click that and read the latest posts that are tagged ‘humor’.

Except.. a lot of the “humor” are really just funny pictures copied and pasted from Google. I mean.. if one were to write a funny post and then put in a picture that relates.. that would be creative.

But just pasting someone else’s picture and writing “Check this out, this is hilarious”, is kind of lame. 

I mean sure, the picture’s are hilarious but most of them are common ones that you would see on Instagram or Facebook anyways.

Like that one about the person having a phone call conversation in the bathroom stall and the guy in the next door stall starts answering all his questions thinking the two of them are having a conversation.

Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time I saw that one, I could buy myself a smart phone by now. 

You just can’t.

You can try to guide them in the right direction. You can teach them right from wrong. But you can’t stop them from making mistakes and learning from them. 

I see parenting all over the place where the parents are so obsessed with who their child talks to that they literally try to control their life. You can’t do that. Just like, some point after kindergarten, you can’t really tell your children who they can and can’t hang out with.

I’m so sick of parents trying to adjust a kids life and try to keep them away from people who will give them ‘bad ideas’. In fact, I think kids, especially teenagers should be exposed to these ‘bad influences’. You know why? So they can learn to say NO.

Everyone should be offered an illegal drink or a cigarette as soon as they step into high school just so they can practice saying “No, that’s really not good for me” instead of having to depend on their parents to keep them away from those people in the first place.

Because parent’s can’t shield you from the bad world forever.

You need to see the reality. You need to be exposed to stuff that could lead you down the wrong path just so you could learn to make that turn and do the right thing.

Cuz at the end of the day, your parents don’t have that power- YOU DO.

When was the last time you heard a teenager say, “God, teenagers are so stupid these days,” like they are apart from the crowd?

I would tell you how many times I’ve heard just within the last few months but honestly, it’s simply too much to count.

There are too many people out there that think they are better than the rest of us when they’re really not. Maybe they want to be “different” but honestly, simply by trying to hard to be “different” they are all just the same.

The key is accepting it. Just accept who you are, stop trying so hard to define yourself as something and let it be.

I won’t lie, I like being considered different from the typical “teenagers” but you know what, I’m a teenager and no matter how hard I try, I will at times be “a typical teenager”. I admit that.

There’s really no point in leaning back and criticizing other people within your group and then act like you’re not a part of it.

You are. Criticize it all you want, but you are just like that.

For example, people who say, “Oh my gosh, people try so hard to fit in, they are just altering they’re personality every time, it’s pathetic.”

Again, I completely agree. Right up to the point when they say, “I’m so above that. I could never be like that.”

And then they do that. They change up their personality depending on who they’re with.

Again-it’s not SO bad, it’s natural, you don’t even know you’re doing it. But accept it.

Stop living in denial.

And if you’re insulting people who are just like you, you are insulting yourself.