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Third wheels are oh so essential in life. You know why? Because every single tricycle would be an ultimate disaster without a third wheel. And we wouldn’t want that, would we? Cuz then toddlers would have to jump straight to the two wheeled bike and possible crack their head open. No, third wheels are necessary because it keeps everything balanced.

Just like it keeps my social status in high school balanced.

I’m sure everybody’s been in this situation before, the awkward third wheel situation.

Maybe it was when you want out with your best friend and her boyfriend but they spent the whole time wrapped up in each other while you counted the clouds.

Or maybe you were hanging out with your boyfriend and his friends but they spent the whole time talking about football while you picked out your split ends.

But see, most likely, your best friend and your boyfriend didn’t mean to make the situation so awkward. Yes they probably should have done more to include you in the conversations but maybe they didn’t know how. Or, they were just so wrapped up in things that they didn’t realize what they were doing.

But really, the at least wanted you there so you know they were trying to keep you around.

But when two people who are supposed to be your friends talk in a different language with you RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THEM, … well, that kinda sucks.

I mean, it’s not even the both of them. It’s just one person who always directs the conversation to the other person, as long as it’s not me.

All three of us would be having a conversation and the person- my friend- would ask my other friend something in their language and off they would go.

I don’t know their language. It’s not like there is someone else if it’s just the three of us.

And it’s not like they don’t realize what they’re doing. I have jokingly pointed it out once, “Hey guys, thanks for including me in the conversation.”

And nothing. It still happens.

But oh wells. Third wheels are necessary for balance.

You know, otherwise, tricycles would a disaster and all..

I think I need new friends though.


It’s been a really long time since I’ve attempted on a diet but I did join fitness a few weeks ago in school. So now two days a week I exhaust myself while trying to shed a few pounds.

Let me tell you something about fitness: more than half the people that are a part of the program- they actually are already fit.

So I’m just there panting and wheezing while everyone else is exercising around me- because, well, they just like exercising. Apparently.

And most of the girls that are fitness- the ones that have a tiny flab of fat on their stomach and are trying to get abs- they work out cute little sweats or shorts with a nice fitted tank top. Even if they do wear a t-shirt, most of them look cute.

And then there’s me- in huge, baggy sweatpants, and an over-sized t-shirt.

The fitness room has walls lined with mirrors. So like the self-conscious person I am, I look across at my reflection, cringe, and tug at my shirt, trying to make it look semi presentable while possibly making it look worse.

I should’ve probably reminded you that there are guys at fitness. Of course, they are even semi-cute.

Well one of them happened to notice me scowling at my reflection and just looks at me with this reassuring smile.

I think he also gave me a thumbs up but I can’t be sure because at that point my face was beet red and I can assure it was NOT from the life threatening jogging that we did.

And the moral of the story is: Never get caught looking in the mirror during fitness. You probably don’t look any better than you think you do and it looks kinda pathetic when you get caught.

Have you ever made an attempt to sit with your group of friends so you guys can talk for about five minutes before someone’s phone beeps and everyone else just takes out their phone and zones out in their own world?

If you have, congratulations, you have adapted to the ways of the 21st century.

Because honestly, it’s not like you sit with your friends to actually talk to them, I mean, that is so last century.

No, you sit with people because while you’re not going to exactly converse with them, you wouldn’t be caught dead sitting alone.

So you sit in a group but the purpose of sitting in a group is really just that- to sit in a group. You sit with someone simply to text someone else on your phone or even simply to scroll through your news feed or go through your pictures.

Can you imagine the future of this generation?

I mean, we wouldn’t even need to have friends anymore pretty soon. Everybody will be like, “Well, whats the point of going through the trouble of making friends when I can just play games on my smart phones or look through instagram photos?”

And forget relationships. I heard that if you have an Iphone, you can just talk to Siri. Honestly, I’ve seen guys talking to Siri as if it was an actual person.

Asking things like, “Siri, will you marry me?” and Siri actually answers, “We barely know each other.”

So now smart phones can substitute for a telephone, a map, a textbook, a computer, friends, or and a girlfriend too if you’re desperate enough.

Who need’s actual human beings anyway?

Yes, I changed my theme again.

If you’ve read my blog before I publish this post, then you have seen my “Girl In Green” theme. While I thought that look was cute for a little bit, now it just seemed to make me feel a little green.

By the way, if this is your first time reading my posts, Welcome! And don’t worry about missing out on seeing my blog in “Girl in Green” theme, it wasn’t too pretty.

So after searching (and searching) I decided to try this theme out. It seems pretty cool. For now.

But knowing myself as well as I do (which is pretty much all my life), I’ll probably get sick of this theme a few months later so enjoy it while it lasts.

Honestly though, I am so damn picky over stuff like themes. Everything is just too plain, or too weird looking, or mainly for photographers, or just doesn’t scream out “me”.

Although if any theme did scream out, “me”, I should probably get off the computer and check myself into a mental hospital or something.

That’s where you go when you start hearing things, right?

Like especially if it’s a difference between less than 18, and 18 and up?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the phrase, “Age is but a number” hasn’t been used since the times of Romeo and Juliet. And even that was pretty insane.

So there’s a guy. Of course there’s a guy. And he’s older. Which is why I’m talking about age.

Keep in mind, I’m only 16. And he’s.. 19. Wasn’t there a rule somewhere that a 3 year age difference isn’t that bad?

I don’t know, but either way I’m like 99.9% sure that getting involved with this guy is definitely not a good idea.

Not that anything will happen. Or is even about to happen. I don’t even like him like that. I don’t think so. He’s just fun to talk and he’s a cool guy and all. But he’s like lingering around me. I don’t know what that’s all about.

Sometimes thing’s get a tad bit flirty. I usually don’t mind. It’s fun actually.

But yeah, even if I were to catch feelings for him, I would steer clear.

!6, 19, probably not a good match.

But anyways, what do you guy’s think about relationships with older guys? I know some people say that if he’s a certain number of years older than you, he might as well be your babysitter not your boyfriend.

But what’s your opinion?

I doubt anything is going to happen between me and 19 year old but the topic of age is interesting.

Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I’ve come across a couple of random blog posts lately about writers developing their “articles” of their blogs multiple times before hitting “publish”.

I’ve read about writer’s coming up with a topic, writing until all his idea’s float out, saving it, and then logging back another day to edit and revise.

And it just brings me to shock because it makes me realize that some people actually take blogging so seriously and put so much effort.. and then there’s me.

A teenager till the end- as society has put it- I write things at the moment, get my feelings out, hit publish, and never look back.

But that’s only because I do feel like that’s when I get some of my best work done- at one sitting.

A lot of times, if I start on a topic, and then read over, try to edit and make it more ‘attractive’ or even just well thought out and put together- my piece looses its tone. Because I forget the emotions I felt as I was typing and it just doesn’t sound the same, you know?

Like right now, I am literally typing as the words appear in my mind. Like I’m talking to you.

To me, that’s what blogging is, talking to my readers through a post. Me, personally, I guess I just don’t view my blog as a place to write well put together, revised, and re-edited pieces- that’s what my school essays are for.

And that would explain my terrible grammer and weird sounding sentences all over my blog.

Cheers. Thanks for reading.