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Don’t you just love knowing people like to be around you?

Having someone who you know you can make laugh when you want feels so amazing.

I have this friend, and honestly, I think I have written quite a few posts about this guy.

But I still won’t tell who.

And he’s a friend. And awesome friend. And he thinks of me as an awesome friend.

And I know this because he tells me that he likes talking to me because I give him realistic advice and I get people in a good mood.

Now isn’t that a nice thing to hear?

And when we’re out with friends and I comment something, joke around, or casually diss someone, he backs me up saying that if I said it, it must be right because I am apparently the “smartest person he knows.”

Well, that could also mean that he hangs out with a lot of idiots..

But overall, I took it as a compliment.

And I just love talking to him because I can tease him and make fun of him and he takes it so well. And he’s so fun to be with and light to talk to.

And if I had to write a paper on him, I could write the best essay out there and go on and on about him.

Because the thing about him is that he’s so unique and there’s really no one else in the world like him.

And I was actually chatting with him a few minutes ago.

Had no idea how to start the conversation. So I sent him a picture of a cat sleeping and said, “You, when it’s time for school.” (He is often an hour late to school because of over sleeping).

And just like that, the conversation has started.

He sends me back a picture of a pissed of cat and says, “Hahaha, You when I know something is wrong with you.”

This is an insider between us. All through out last year, I had random days where I had terrible days and the slightest of things would mess up my mood for the day.

I was pretty good at hiding it from other people (or maybe it’s that nobody really cared to ask what’s wrong) but as soon as I saw HIM he would be like “What’s wrong?”

And it got frustrating after a while, because he could tell so easily and I just couldn’t hide a single thing from him because he noticed every goddamn thing.

And he was proud of the fact too.

So that’s how our conversation started today after a while of not talking to each other due to our busy lives.

And our conversation just flows.

I tell him, “Ugh, 5 seconds into the conversation and you’ve already managed to annoy me,” he tells me, “Hahaha, It’s a gift, and what’s up?”

And so it goes.


And neither will dating four girls at a time for that matter.

So I know a few homosexual guys in my school. And they know they’re homosexual. I know they’re homosexual. I think EVERYBODY know’s they’re homosexual.

But for some reason, they like to live in this bubble where they want to pretend they’re not and hope everyone else will just go along with it.

One of these guys Β is my friend. And he told me last year that he was gay.

And I thought, ‘Okay, well, not surprising, I’ve been suspecting that for a while now’.

What I think I actually told him was, “That’s fine, accept yourself, and everyone will accept you.”

Which I thought was a pretty nice thing to say.

Anyways, these days, he’s completely ignoring his orientation. He plunged himself into religious activities and is telling himself and others that homosexuality is wrong, disgusting, etc.

And now, he’s even making crude comments about girls!

My friend, who was once so respectful, and so polite, is now making remarks about a girl’s sexy ass and fine body even though when he says he it, he might as well be talking about the weather, that’s how UN-excited he sounds when he says it.

And you know, being his friend and all, I tried to talk some sense into him, saying that maybe he should get over himself and admit what he is and just take himself for who he is and all.

And he accused me of being so focused that he’s one thing and he doesn’t have to be something that he doesn’t want to be.

-Insert me throwing my hands up in the air-

Fine. Frankly, it doesn’t make a difference to me whether he prefers a penis or a vagina. But he can keep his awkward and pathetic crude comments to himself.

Oh, and another one.

This guy, I don’t know him too well, he’s like a friend of a friend.

Acts gay, talks to guys a lot, GIGGLES, and might as well just write on his forehead that he’s gay.

(and he’s actually kind of cute..)

And he has like 4 different girlfriends in 4 different schools.

Well, according to the rumors (which I know I shouldn’t believe but imagine it was true anyways?)

Now why would a gay guy date four girls at once?

To convince himself he’s not gay.


^ Hahaha

But that would be pretty depressing if someone were to actually say that </3

The reason I put that into my title is because I have discovered a new possible hobby: Acting.

I’ve always loved singing, since I was a kid, but I never even considered acting.

By considering, I just mean hobby wise, not like a dream I want to pursue or anything, that’s just too risky for me.

But I tried out for the school musical and that involves a little bit of acting and I found that I love it!

It was just so much fun and I feel like with acting, I can be much more open, confident, and different.

It’s so cool, and it’s so new to me.

So out of nowhere my friend mentions that she’s looking through casting calls and auditions online for any sort of undiscovered talent in acting or modelling.

Well the modelling thing is definitely out of line (Hello, I’m just a little over 5 feet and can barely fit into my skinny jeans. Yeah, right.)

But the acting, as long as its just for fun, and it’s just try-outs, I think I want to do it.

And it’s just so crazy thinking about it now because imagine I make it?

Yeah right, I have no experience whatsoever and some of these kids have their parents paying for very costly acting classes since they were in diapers.

But then again, you never know.

I could be an extra.

On a commercial.

That random girl on a television show that’s just part of the student body walking through the hallways.


So if I do happen to go for it and make somewhere, I’ll be the one looking utterly lost and wearing a giant hat that says “Complaints Of A Teenager”. Be sure to be on the look out for me on your tv screen πŸ˜‰

Yes, you read that correctly.

No, I’m not talking about laxatives. Just hear me out.

Don’t we all know that one girl who every few months or so, goes into this crazed “Oh my gosh I must loose weight” sort of thing, and then once food is tasty to them again, they’re just like, “Ugh, screw this, I like my body just the way it is.”

Yeah. That girl is me.

It’s not so much that I said “Screw this,” but rather that I thought now that school had opened and I spend my day running up and down stairs and my lunch period studying in the library, I thought weight loss would just happen, that I didn’t have to think about it.

I was wrong.

Because although I am getting a tad bit more exercise than the “channel surfing” I do at home during the summer, I end up eating too much at night and not drinking enough water throughout the day.

Water has always been a problem; it’s one of those things where I know should drink it, I just don’t think, “I’m thirsty, let me go get some water instead of some juice.”

But anyways, it’s not even that I’m gaining weight.

It’s that school has started and I’m not loosing.

I have stayed pretty much the same.

Because while I’m doing some things that would get rid of pounds, I end up doing some other things that gains pounds and that just equals out the equation.

So I’m looking back into some ways to loose weight easily. I don’t have much time to exercise, with school and homework bogging me down.

But one strategy that has gotten my interest is pooping.

Did you all know pooping looses belly fat? Not just like diarrhea, I’m talking normal pooping.

And you know, this is really helpful.

Because, honestly, I’m not even that fat. It’s just that my belly sticks out so much. It’s all just belly fat.

So I searched up some foods to promote pooping.

So that should be loads of fun πŸ˜‰

To-Do list for the next few days:

Poop, poop, poop!


Haha, definitely not me.

But that’s the topic of the picture I will be uploading on facebook.

And it will be of me in a black hoodie, bright pink lipstick, big black hoop earrings, hair curly and up, eyeliner, and my pose will be of me with my hip stuck out and an exaggerated, (and believe me when I say exaggerated) duck face.

And lips all out and puffed and slimy looking a duck with an overgrown beak.

Oh yeah. I think my lips actually got cramped during the few seconds needed to take the picture.

And you know what my captions going to be.

“Holllaaa!! Am I cool now? Or is the preferred term, ‘ratchet'”.

It’s going to be so perfect because all the smart people will understand and laugh their buttocks off.

A picture mocking all the silly girls in our school who think it is cool or cute to be loud, obnoxious, rude, and pose like a prostitute who just waded out of a duck pond?

I think, “yes.”

And I cannot wait to all the likes blow up.

I can just see it.


And hilarious.

If I could invent my own laws, I think I would make it illegal to wake up before the sun rises.

And a number of other things, but let’s focus on that.

I mean seriously, my first class of the day is so early, they don’t even call it “1st period” anymore. They call it “0 period”.

No seriously, even on the official schedule, it says I start “0 period”.

And you wanna know when this “0 period” starts? 7:10 AM.

And it takes at least 30 minutes to get there and 45 minutes just to get dressed and somewhat fix up my unreasonable hair.

Which means that I practically have to wake up at the butt-crack dawn every day.

It is more exhausting than it sounds like.

And on top of that, more class, more AP classes, which means more work, which ultimately sucks.

And I’m on the Law Team so twice a week we go into the city to train with Lawyers.

Which is some really cool experience, by the way.

But by the time I get back from the city, it’s like 8PM and I smell like a horse’s behind and my stomach sounds like an earthquake.

It really gets frustrating when you go to school practically before the sun rises and come back long after the sun’s called it a day.

And then there’s homework.

Which I should be doing now.


So this morning when I woke up, I went up to the mirror to get ready for school.

The mirror broke due to my hideous face so I had to comb my feathers without a reflection.

It was another day, just another high school day with the other duckies, except I had to be the one ugly duckling out there.

Okay, so I haven’t turned into a duckling and that up there is a bad acting example.

But here’s the thing: I have tried out for the school musical!

It’s called HONK! Otherwise known as the story of the ugly duckling.

And I sang for audition.

What’s really annoying is that I prepared a whole song and she just cut me off.

Fine, whatever, she doesn’t know how amazing the ending was going to be..

But I also acted for a short scene.

I played Queenie, who is a cold hearted, snobby little cat.

And would you believe it, I think I actually did pretty good.

But of course, it would be really amazing if I could win the lead role, Ugly.

BUT I will be satisfied just to be a part.

And this is really something new that I’m trying.

So I can’t wait to see how everything turns out!


Sounds real cheery, right?

Pfft! Like life could really be like that.

The above is true, however, as per usual, there is a bump in the road.

That bump takes the form of two girls who have nice voices- and are very well aware that they do have nice voices- and choose to show off about it.

I knew them since last year, and I’ve always sensed a cold attitude from them.

And truth be told, it’s really annoying, having them there singing high notes and giggling and showing off because really, if you know you’re good, maybe you could hold your ego back and I don’t know- be humble instead of showy??

But oh wells, it was absolutely no surprise that they were trying out and I probably won’t be surprised if they win major roles.

But you know what?

I am not even going to let them stop me from being the absolute best I can be.